Understanding ProPurchaser

Combining marketplace intelligence and proven negotiating tools, ProPurchaser delivers what you should know before you issue a purchase order. ProPurchaser automatically pushes simple, clear information to your desktop, whenever there is an opportunity to negotiate lower prices.

Follow Market Trends

Find hundreds of market trends to help you drive down purchase costs.

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Build Should-Cost Models

Gain deeper insight into your suppliers’ costs to help negotiate better pricing.

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Share Your Work

Share ideas and best practices to gain a competitive advantage for your organization.

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Game Changing Features

Information and Tools to Strengthen Your Negotiating Position

Custom Data

Create your own database within Propurchaser. Store data from other websites, histories of prices you actually pay, target/budget prices, transfer prices from affiliates – literally any data you might have a use for. It can be used in Should-Cost Models, Comparisons, Price Gauge reports, or viewed graphically.

Export Commodity Bundle

Download historical price data directly into your computer. This tool creates an Excel spreadsheet containing price history data for all the items in your Commodity Bundle. Once the data has been downloaded you can import it into another system or use Excel formulas to crunch the numbers

Comparison Charts

Create shortcuts for comparisons you want to bookmark. With one click, view steel prices in China, Europe and North America on the same chart; or wood pulp and paper together; or any other data combination you want to see regularly. No need to build the comparison each time.

Bundle Thumbnails

One screen with a quick view of the commodities that you’re tracking closely. From here you can quickly see if any of the commodities on your tracking bundle are rising or falling in costs. With one click of the mouse you can expand graphs to see details and historical data.

Negotiating Nuggets

Library of selected “war stories” and articles collected over the years that provide valuable insights into how to succeed as a supply chain professional. Short and to the point, most take less than 5 minutes to read. You’ll find best practices for the seasoned professional and novice purchasers.

ProPurchaser Blog

Business and environmental issues that affect our profession. A community of Purchasing Professionals who share 3 common goals: to help each other succeed by sharing information and best practices; raise the status and profile of our profession; support our planet by increasing awareness of the environmental impact of our sourcing decisions.

Ask a Question

Ask us about anything: missing commodities, how to use tools, what to do if a supplier disagrees with Propurchaser information, cost drivers for items you buy, just about anything you can think of. We’ll get back to you in a day or two with either the answer or a progress report.

Our Data Sources

ProPurchasers data is collected and analyzed by our expert staff on the monthly basis. Our rigorous standards ensure that the data is accurate and often irrefutable when presented to a supplier. Click here to read about our data sources in more detail. A 4-minute read.