Follow Supplier Cost Trends

Follow Market Trends and boost your negotiating leverage.

Negotiate from strength.
The charts in ProPurchaser are designed to support purchasers in negotiations with suppliers to reduce prices. Our software helps you understand how changes to suppliers’ cost drivers should impact what you pay – useful information at the negotiating table, especially when suppliers’ costs are trending down
All-In-One Place
Monitor hundreds of commodities and other cost drivers across North America, Europe and Asia with one easy-to-use system. Our database contains both current and historical cost trends, going back as far as 14 years. A kit of analysis tools makes digging into our data easy:
Set it and Forget it.
Set up a personal Tracking Bundle and automatically receive regular reports on the commodities and cost drivers that you choose to follow.These reports highlight changes in the marketplace and act as alerts whenever opportunities exist to negotiate price reductions.

Follow Supplier Cost Trends (2 minute video)

Meet Laura, she is adept at managing suppliers and driving purchase costs down.

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