Upskilling at home with ProPurchaser on-demand instructional webinars

These are on-demand events.

 (each is about an hour long)


There is even a fun informal quiz you can take afterwards to test your new skills.


1) Negotiating Lessons Learned as a Career CPO
– 20 Years Distilled Into 52 Minutes

This foundational webinar introduces 4 negotiating cornerstones that position you to speak with authority, increase your leverage, and achieve your negotiations goals.

2) Boost Your Procurement Career Prospects – How to make a good first impression and an even better second one.

Whether you are between procurement jobs or going for a promotion, you need to find ways to attract attention and stand out. This webinar discusses how to make an intriguing first impression, followed up by a compelling second impression of your ‘hitting the ground running’ and contributing to the bottom line on day one.

3) Cost Containment
– even more important in a post Covid-19 world

After COVID-19, most companies will be cash poor, margin hungry, and riveted on boosting supply chain resilience. The goal of this webinar is to help you prepare for the future. Kelly Barner first explains why some of today’s “best practices” may no longer be “best”. Rod Sherkin follows up with practical advice on preparing for what’s coming.

4) Forecasting Purchasing Costs
– How to Navigate this Career Minefield

If someone tells you they can predict prices with more than 50% accuracy, don’t believe them. Unfortunately, Procurement is usually the department made responsible for determining these numbers.

And, at the risk of stating the obvious, being wrong half the time is not good for anyone’s career!

5) An Important Distinction
– why the procurement profession is often underserved

Our profession is often underserved when it comes to tools and data we need to do our jobs. This webinar explains why and, more importantly, describes what procurement professionals can do to remedy it.

6) How Good is Your Purchasing Department
at Negotiating Pricing?

Does your procurement team have the information and skills needed to match seasoned sales reps’? Do you unknowingly leave money on the table? This webinar is focused on how to properly measure (and manage) your purchasing department’s price negotiating performance.

You may be surprised by how simple it is to do, and also by the attendant financial rewards.

7) Negotiating Prices In Inflationary Times –  Turning Adversity into Competitive Advantage

The last 2 years have certainly been difficult for our profession. Most of us have been dealing with a relentless cycle of price increases, with very little push-back leverage. Finding ways to win would certainly be a welcome change. That’s what this webinar is about – finding ways we can win in today’s sellers’ market.

This 45-minute live event, hosted by Rod Sherkin, focuses on specific tactics Procurement Professionals can use today to achieve success at the negotiating table and create competitive advantage for their organizations.

8) Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Supply Chain – Where to look for opportunities

Discover why materials and components you purchase are likely candidates for carbon reduction. Learn how to identify and capture the biggest opportunities, by making simple adjustments to current sourcing practices.

You might be surprised by the positive impact your efforts can have on your company’s goals as well as on your career prospects.

9) Negotiating Performance Measurement– Solved!

Budgets are not useful for measuring Negotiated Prices! The marketplace is too unpredictable and volatile.

This webinar describes how to build simple, effective measurement tools…….. tools that help manage (and improve) negotiating performance and clearly demonstrate the financial value you and your team bring to your organization.

10) An Uncomfortable Truth for Most Senior Managers

Most senior managers don’t know if their staff negotiates good pricing, because there’s no way to measure.

This 30-minute webinar describes how to:

  1. Measure your organization’s negotiating performance on pricing, and then
  2. Use this information to both improve performance and gauge your competitive position.

You might be surprised how straightforward this is to do.

11) ProPurchaser’s New Performance Module – a step forward for our profession

Most senior managers don’t know if their staff negotiates good pricing, because there’s no way to measure.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure – to quote Peter Drucker

Procurement professionals have never had tools to objectively measure/manage Negotiating Performance – but now we do!

Learn how ProPurchaser’s new Performance Module works. It contains training videos for your team, as well as management reports to help you gauge price negotiating performance.

We are here to help.


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