Share Your Work

Work Sharing spreads the best negotiating practices and ideas throughout your organization

Succeed as a group.
Using ProPurchaser, everyone can share information with the click of a mouse — important information such as: tactics just used in a successful negotiation that could work elsewhere; a “should-cost” model just built that can boost negotiating leverage for others or better pricing just contracted that colleagues can use to lower prices in their departments. Ideas, opportunities, lessons learned — virtually anything of importance can be shared easily.
Your competitive advantage.
ProPurchaser creates a competitive advantage in two ways. First, by shedding light on suppliers’ costs and constantly alerting you and your staff to price-reduction opportunities. Secondly, by embedding a “communications backbone” into your organization that encourages information flow and promotes idea sharing, on a peer-to-peer basis.
Make it part of your culture.
Sharing is powerful: it not only saves time and money, but also builds closer peer-to-peer relationships and a stronger teamwork ethic. ProPurchaser’s Work Sharing tools encourage team members to communicate by making it easy. Simply click the share button, choose who you want to share with, and send — no saving to your desktop; no attachments. You can also add personal comments and notes, which means no need for separate emails.

Follow Supplier Cost Trends (2 minute video)

Meet Ted, a savvy CPO. His reports are well prepared for negotiations with suppliers, no matter where they are located.

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