Upskilling at home with ProPurchaser live instructional webinars

In these difficult times, we have decided to make our live instructional webinars available to all our colleagues who want to upgrade their negotiating skills. There are 6 live events. We suggest you attend them in order, if possible (each takes about an hour).

There is even an informal quiz you can take afterwards to self-test your new skills. Each webinar counts as a continuing educational hour with most associations, such as: ISM, APICS, etc.

Stay safe and good luck at the negotiating table.

Webinar Description



1) NEGOTIATING LESSONS LEARNED AS A CAREER CPO – 20 Years Distilled Into 52 Minutes
This foundational webinar introduces 4 negotiating cornerstones that position you to speak with authority, increase your leverage, and achieve your negotiating goals.

2) COST TRANSPARENCY – Let the Data Do the Talking
A second foundational webinar that focuses on Cost Transparency and explains why it is the ‘golden arrow’ in your negotiations quiver, and why the best suppliers to partner with (usually low-cost producers) welcome transparency.

3) LESS STRESS AND MORE SUCCESS – Take Control of Supplier Negotiations
An upskilling webinar that focuses on boosting your leverage and confidence at the negotiating table, while achieving lower prices. Learn about four practices that position you to speak with authority, manage relationships with sales reps, and make your job less stressful.

An upskilling webinar about how to identify and organize high-potential joint projects with suppliers and achieve buy-in from both organizations. It also covers project management and execution, so you reap the rewards for all your (and your team’s) hard work.

5)  WHEN SUPPLIERS REJECT FAIR PRICING– and Silent Slopes Don’t Work
Suppliers often reject fair pricing, even when their input costs have fallen, and  it’s only fair to lower prices. This webinar describes, 5 ideas for pushing back against unfair pricing. You may be pleasantly surprised at how effectively you can drive costs lower and career prospects higher.