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    ➜➟ STREAM Girls of the Sun ⇦⇐


    I’m trying to find where I can watch the film. ANYONE?

    This movie deserves better rating. It is not perfect but it dosent deserve this.
    The cinematography is great.
    The story is great.
    Acting could be better and the movie could’ve been longer to cover more story.
    It’s probably the Turks or isis sympathizers who are at it again with downvoting Kurdish related things. Remember this, the Turkish government actually hires people to downvote/comment negatively on anything that is Kurdish related..

    Where the hell is her big Afro with pink hair ? I’m light skin girl but damn im tired of this shit. Yes she may be good at the role but there is probably actual Jamaican upcoming actress with lovely darker skin which was suggested in the novel, with big hair And the guy yes he’s cute but idk I can think of others I feel their both too mainstream.

    Whose here after Shane’s new conspiracy theory video??? Now I can’t stop thinking that he is trying to human traffic her, uhhh, that sounds soooo bad..


    This looks familiar to my school….

    Wow Glenn Close? Haven’t seen her in ages!

    The girl lools like one of those disney characters😂😂

    Cult of Terror


    La critique film Bulles de Culture : http://bullesdeculture.com/2018/05/news-cinema-avis-critique-film-les-filles-du-soleil-cannes-2018.html.

    2 0 1 9 ? ? ? :'(

    i read the book and personally liked it better than “everything, everything”, but I love anything from Nicola Yoon. I’m actually surprised by how well it’s portrayed in the movie, it looks great so far. exactly how I imagined it 💗.
    Very interesting and engaging.This is done by a female director . Some scenes are very nice that we are not able to imagine how they shot this.
    Trailer like a whole damn movie though…
    I’m sure it’s a decent movie but I am so over the whole apocalypse zombie thing honestly. Too overdone. I don’t care how you switch up the plot or whatever. Super boring.


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