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    thanks to that purple wall I now know I never want to live inside a red cabbage, thanks!
    Whoever disliked this song..I HOPE YOU STEP ON LEGOS

    Wow a girl is just walking in a school in the night then she sees a floating sleeping guy so she starts intensely dancing around him. Me: Oh yeah yeah, Perfection
    Pagar para un refugio xDD Estos yanquis están como cabras del monte 😂😂😂
    not too crazy about these, the brick wall looked like something you would see in a really bad quality , hole in the wall restaurant , and the third one,looks like Georgia O’Keefe exploded. that’s as far as I could go, Yikes! the old saying there’s no accounting for taste applies here in full force.

    Why did our parents ever do this to their homes

    Wow! And here I was taking marble from the earth and cutting custom sized stone to perfectly fit end to end on a circular entry with mirrored semi circular staircases. I almost feel dirty after watching these, I’m guessing they are mortal, men do things that most people could learn in a few hours. If only I would have seen this before spending 20+ years perfecting my worthless craft..
    I wage my war, on the world inside

    Imagine having one of those Styrofoam ceiling designs and one day your kid throws something and hits the ceiling and it breaks ;-;.

    You don’t have any song I can’t listen to. Best modern band.

    Quantum tech HD is number one!

    Pensé que ese disco, al princioio del video, era una creación de la esfera plana… de la tierra plana.. creía que te habias quitado del helicentrismo.esta bueno el video, pequeño saltamontes!!!!…le di like…a pesar de que ereS heliocentrista te sigo…!!!…NOTHING IS PERFECT.

    there is no corelation between girls dance and Song.
    да и вообще что это за ху.ня
    А в чем уникальность
    Nice !!!…. 😍❤
    Lying is considered a performance, and here her dance captures that she’s the lier. He’s dead’ish from taking so much of what she gives and in the end her final act kills the last of what was holding him up as a person?.

    Wow❤️❤️jen tak dál ,dobrá práce❤️💋❤️❤️🥰

    한국인 👇
    2:02 cool!! Love it, what’s that name??
    I hate imagine dragons I’m a bad liar
    / ⊃🎂

    Mikolas <3
    Omg the boy dance so good!!!
    Нечеловеческого здоровья вам, дебилы, в таких интерьерах!
    Damn, I’m loving it
    обманка бутовой кладки угар

    Oh hush my dear, it’s been a difficult year
    Bickford Park


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