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    ➜➡ STREAM Ubiquity ←⬅


    I’ve been using my cheap TPlink, 2,4ghz and 2 antennas router for the past 6 years, in a 3000 sq ft house (280 m2), with no problems, the only thing i’ve did was replacing the original antennas, 5dBi for 9dBi antennas, and the router is placed in almost exaclty center of the house, isn’t fast for fast file transfers over network, but i don’t have a NAS, or shared folders in any computer, and isn’t a bottleneck for just web browsing, I get 8Mbps, up and down, in any place of the house from my ISP..

    Unifi Controller can go on a raspberry pi – why would you recommend buying the key?.

    been through 2. What f-ed with my router the most was bittorrent. My Netgear Nighthawk r7000 seems to be working pretty well.

    Apricot Groves

    I really hate wireless networks… i have my good old lan cable and it is fine… no problems and fast as hell.. but well i use a tower and i dont run through the house all day ^^.

    I have an Asus RT N66u and it is amazing. No internet drops at all and I always get top speed. The only problem is my Download is 6mb/s which is horrible, even worse when 5 people use it at a time. Luckily bell is installing fiber optic in my area next month :).


    DDWRT is the best firmware for any routers.
    keep going clear explanation for those who are not specialized in networks
    Great video. I went for the ac lite in my home. I thought two ap’s were enough but because of the many competing 2,4ghz networks from neighbors and the incredibly thick’s walls and ceilings in my home I’m thinking of getting one more..

    i can honestly say i took this review and showed it to my boss (the network admin) and based on the review we went and grabbed 3 of them for about 800$ USD and dude they freaking rock, we have 1000 dollar AP’s that suck compared to the features speed range etc that these points can give. its so nice to use three of these to cover a 5000 sqft manufacturing space + lab and a 2000 sqft office all on the same network. even nicer that we can manage all the points from a single control software!.
    Huge kudos from me for ubiquity love their tech support and the robustness of their products. An ubiquity m5 survived the elements during hurricane Irma. And so did the m5 rocket. Allowed WiFi access at a gate 500 feet from the house with up to 15 miles of capability including solar support. no not a rep but and end user who has love for them and see my next WiFi install with this product..

    What if I need two extra ethernet ports? For home use. My roof is white so I had to mount up a Asus RT-N66W to get the extra ports that no AP i know of have.

    Hello, thanks for the video, about the UniFi Controller software, if I install it in a computer, it need to stay on all time to work?
    Great info thanks ! I have a system which is a broad band service, Anyways it on top of house its a dish and at the end of the cat 5 into house is POE where my wifi router is. I want to put wifi in garage had a cable up already but it will not power it up out there, I spiced everything in and even moved Poe in line to work on the 2 different cat 5 runs. The POE would not give me internet onless it was at end of cat 5 service. Was wondering what kind of set up could i use ? Can i take out wifi router and use nano5 for inside of house and than get one out side on garage. I want to use tv in garage Thanks Rob.

    The thing about antenna design is that long range means you need more gain, which also means the radiation pattern has to be smaller at constant amplification power output = covers less area, throws longer! High gain is not everything..

    Do you have a video of how to hook this thing up?


    People don’t see how ironical this is.
    I received one as an evaluation unit and it has by far the best access point i’ve ever used.
    I have an AirPort Extreme and Express which work seamlessly for me. It’s also cheaper than getting two of those Unifi access points. The airport utility is easy to use to set them up and it actually flags up any incorrect settings you need to change rather than just not work like other crappy routers. I can also plug a hard drive into the Extreme for automatic backups and stream music to my speakers through the Express. I know you have reasons for not liking Apple, but they make products which just work that is exactly what you said you wanted from a router..

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