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    ➠➙➠ STREAM Still Life of Memories ⇐⟵◀


    It’s a point and click adventure and came out a while ago (2005 I think). It’s not THAT well known so I hope you can still find it….
    How old is this lady? The actress.
    LOLL Aliocha Schneider!!


    Oh, look, a film validating narcissism and being a self-righteous hipster. How audacious!.
    That is a very good movie
    Not a bad game. The puzzles were challenging, the story-line was excellent, and the environment design and music were often unparalled. Could have been better; the voice acting sucked and the ending was a bit disappointing without telling us there would be a sequel..
    You can tell this film was written by someone with self-esteem issues from the first sentence of the trailer. No human being speaks that way unless they’re desperate for approval..
    One of the best games I ever saw….. Awesome videos.. story like genius.. and riddles as hard as hell.. I’ve admit.. I used a walkthrough alltroughout the game.. EXCEPT with the riddle of lockpicking… the only I made without looking it up.. 😀 Butnevertheless.. greatest thing I ever played.. and will play, too...
    It’s a Being Human semi-reunion.
    I usually don’t like click and move games, but this is the best click and move game ever!.
    where can I watch this please
    I have this game on my VISTA no the download but the original game.I was try everything I know for days but this game never play..Install;;yes but never start any help;;;;;thanks..
    I’m glad that I watched it all the way to the end.
    Funny and cute, but highly overrated! It aways gets an extra star because it deals with the gay lifestyle. Properly rated on its true theatrical merits… maybe ~ 3.5 stars..
    Also very sacreligous in that the movie is about muff divers. Lesbians yuck. Just kidding used to love watching my wife show how shed make it with her barbie doll as a teen. Said usedto as she left me for a chick we had 3 somes with.
    one of the best movies I’ve watched 10/10

    yeeeesssssss i find it finally this the best movie

    I would’ve fallen off my bike too. Those eyes are enchanting.

    I hate the author of the book, Arthur Golden, for how he portrayed geishas and what he did to Iwasaki Mineko. And this movie didn’t exactly help either. First, she had to live through the book and then this move. This is NOT the real life or real story of the geisha! Before watching this movie or reading the book, read Iwasaki Mineko book, its called ‘Geisha, a Life’ in the U.S. and ‘Geisha of Gion in the U.K.’.

    Sometimes, you tube can seem so full of nonsense. This film is a genuine piece of art. Thank you so much for uploading it.

    I WANNA WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW!! After reading the first half of the book, I began searching about it ad there is a friggin movie?! Although in the books… she wasnt taken away forcefully…

    Unfortunately, and this is a big Spoiler Alert! This story is not a true story as told by the author at the end of the book…

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