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    This movie is terrible. It’s a waste of 93 minutes. Don’t see it.

    Right…. the military have nothing better to do than to kidnap some teens having premarital sex in a barn.

    😂they said poo when it’s really sh*t
    Yup we r good parents 😂
    I want to see this movie soooo muchhhh
    spoiler :)
    The movie was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t stop watching it, It’s like I’m going to watch this movie again. It’s amazing and beautiful. The ending was really beautiful, even though 2 characters died and that was sad. I suggest you go watch it. .

    Download… Life. is, Love, Dailymotion
    I S A I D I L I K E Y O U R B O O T S
    does anyone know a good site where I can watch this movie? I can’t find this movie anywhere…

    Call Samantha love salmon to make it a part 2
    2017 brought me In A Heartbeat 2018 brought me Love, Simon Thank God I can finally watch something that actually expresses who I am. Love is Love! ♡
    Life is – Love, hd? download
    You all know they’re cousins right
    its the best movie ever

    Life, is? Love, virus-free… access
    Had to download it cuz it’s banned in my country 😖
    My Queen B is so cool !
    thank u sooo much i was just about to watch the trailer
    #Fantastic Best Of Luck Anna!! All Ur Dreams Comes True😍😍
    While much of the movie is alright, I find the romance between the cousins a little underdeveloped. And also, they’re cousins! Why is everyone in the movie acting like it’s all normal? Was this originally set in Tasmania?.

    Just finished the novel. I wish it didn’t end. Can’t wait for the movie.

    Love this movieee😍

    so youu basically told me the whole movie in the freaking trailer ¬¬

    This trailer fails to mention that Daisy and that guy Edmond are first cousins…. Does anyone else find it extremely weird that their getting all lovey-dovey??.

    Leighton and Brody <3
    the guy from transformers he left Optimus prime and try to get his life normal 

    jeeeezzz, almost 28 million gays
    this is like frances ha kinda except the obvious.
    As some others have said, it is such a great feel good movie :)
    Plot twist: there are three Sophies. They are triplets. Alexis, Brynn and Brooke Clagett o.O
    thought it was gonna go a complete diff way from the moive trailer

    This movie is so amazing

    This was a good film, I just felt really awkward watching incest…

    this movie was so damn good ..i wanna watch it again

    This film is insanely unreal. It’s just like a fairy tail,which is Everything is going too smoothly. It’s much brutal in real world.(especially in high school) But that’s sweet though. We can use some love. ❤️.

    sorry, i like leighton meester and gillian jacbos as actresses, but i don’t buy into this whole homosexual/lesbian crap, which is just outright disgusting and offensive..

    Yey! Lesbians!
    I never knew Isaac was Tom Holland!!!!


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