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    ➜➟ STREAM! WATCH The Pain of Others ⟸←


    the best movie!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know how the song is called at 1:11 ??

    lol u still dont noe? 

    it ends how it started

    Song name at 1:11 ??? pls

    Oh my! I don’t know how to feel! The movie says Michael Bay’s name on it but I don’t feel the need to bash my head on my keyboard! Is it opposite day?.

    Great film love it XD

    I normally like the Rock’s movies as theyre so lighthearted. This one didn’t sit well with me man..very sick and twisted. This is not one of those sexy smooth expert skilled mastermind criminal movies carrying out heists and other stunts far removed from reality. These are a bunch of meatheads that dress in regular clothes and drive regular cars and that pump iron and take steroids. The only difference is they’re psychopaths..and very incompetent ones which make them the more dangerous. Just one day out of the blue they decide they don’t like their lives so they’re going to take it out on innocent rich people that did nothing wrong except working their way up to get to where they are. This is NOT a comedy whatsoever. It starts off silly but quickly no longer becomes humorous..*ESP* as it actually happened to people in reality. I still don’t think Marc Schiller the man that survived being tortured has been compensated for how his case was treated.

    This was a great movie

    This is a true story … based on couple of flamboyant newspaper articles from a free newspaper written in 1999..

    million times better than ‘tropic thunder’.

    Great movie!!!! By far my favorite 
    ahhahahahha i laughed so hard when i hear this. lol 
    No Brain No Gain ..
    the rock and mark w are huge!
    Its good ;)

    Ship in a Room
    Monk :)
    Song at the start?
    I love this movie


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