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    @ikram xo

    God help us if this ghastly movie ever goes international because the NZ Tourist Industry could very well regenerate into depression if it does. The NZ Film Commission need their heads read for putting out pornographic, sexy, foul language rubbish like this which shows our entire culture in such a misrepresented way. The trailer is a pack of lies because it only shows the funniest bits with hardly a single swear word and none of the sexy porno stuff. This man will be hard pressed to go to anything with the cast in it in future..

    Awfull movie

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    What brand is his jacket???

    But it’s Harmony Korine it has to be good :(

    his hair!!! I guess he’s still filming the hitler movie adshgfjnm

    ive seen a couple of these hire people to end a relationship movies. generally they are ok. stupid funny. judging by the trailer, the jokes were handled very casually. looks like a netflix movie i dont get why people are so afraid to end a relationship though. its hard but its always for the best. just rip that bandaid off.

    imdb could be wrong, but this movie came out in 2012

    this movie should put all its profit in a douchebag jar

    Looks like it could be cool.

    spring break (what ever it is) is just a holiday were girls can get together and act sluty.
    Will Justin Beiber see this movie???
    Watch Full Length HH putlocker9
    one of the worst films i’ve ever seen 

    Low key cult classic.
    A life of a Samoan girl! LETS GOOOO 😂👏🏽
    I saw this today and the awkwardness and inappropriateness is just right, genuinely cried with laughter a few times. Great movie and three thumbs up


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