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    ➠➟▶ STREAM Spirited Away ⇦⬅⇦


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    To say this is a masterpiece is a huge understatement.
    We may watch a zillion movies in our lifetime…but only a handful will touch your heart and stay etched in your memory for a lifetime…This is one such movie…I wept with the characters…laughed & felt sorrow , anger at the futility of war and the consequences it bears on its innocent victims…must watch for animation lovers !!!.
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    very handsome cat ^-^
    la amo 😍😍 es mi favorita
    man i found this movie after 7 yrs it took a long time….child hood memory..
    Wait didn’t this movie come out long ago? I watched it before!.


    soooo much better in japanese!

    When’s the U.S. release of Up on Poppy Hill? Does anyone here know?

    Ohh man, this brings up so many memories. I was 12 when I watched this for firs time.. EPIC ! (22 now)

    This movie is part of what really opened the Western floodgates for anime in the early 2000s. In the 1990s, Ghost In The Shell, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Cartoon Network’s Toonami block on Adult Swim made people aware of what anime was on a larger level than ever before. Then in 2001, Pokémon, YugiOh!, Beyblade, and Digimon were on the air for kids, and Cowboy Bebop became an instant classic for Western audiences on Toonami. Then this film was released a year later winning an academy award, and having great commercial success besides that. I think that’s when anime truly arrived and positioned itself to become the phenomenon that it is now..

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    All these jimmy Fallon ads

    This movie was gorgeous!


    I love this film sooo much


    number one for me is Ponyo.

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    гавно ебаное! досмотрел фильм до половины и выключил! 1) ненавижу когда в фильмах бабы такие сильные что способны перебить целую армию 2) мерзкая противная русская озвучка 3) тупая романтика и идиотские сцены когда включается грустная музыка мол на этом моменте надо плакать. Вердикт: В этом аниме хороша только картинка, остальное калл..

    Too bad cuz i knew all of ’em (when i watched it the second time) :3
    Yeah, it sucks. The last movie was When Marnie Was There (WHICH I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN) in 2014. I hope they don’t stop for good.
    Is it just me or does the main female character look a little like Connie!(from Steven Universe)
    the first anime that I watched. ahhh those were the days.
    My favorite is Castle in the sky😍🤷🏼‍♀️
    I love this movie and very beautiful I want to discover it! Just like real 😊☺️
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    the best animation in japan ever
    this movie is also really good in dub
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    Anyone here because of the try not to eat video
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    I prefer the San’s Japanese original voice to this fking English voice <3 <3 <3 <3 San <3
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    ”Why do fireflies have to do so soon?” No. Stop cutting onions :'(
    Gonna watch all this! i love the secret world of arriety and spirited away ^ ^

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    バロンちょーかっこいい❤︎ バロンが人間になったら、もっとかっこいいんだろーな!!
    ohmigod i cant wait to see this. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
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    A local theater just had a showcase of all 22 Studio Ghibli films. I wasn’t able to go see many of them, but I was able to see Spirited Away on the big screen as well as When Marnie Was There and The Wind Rises and it was magical. If you ever get the chance to do so, please do it..

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    among all these series, I just watched Spirited Away at the age of 20 … why ??? why ??…. :’ now I want to watch Howl’s Moving Castle, and also others.
    i like the same animation its better than these CGI films

    Its amazing the amount of Ghibli films I saw when I was little but forgot about. Welcome back childhood <3

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    Der Film kam 2001 raus. Die die 2001 auf die Welt kamen werden nächstes Jahr Volljährig. Ich bin alt geworden Leute. Was ist nur passiert……
    Wth?! I thought that baron will be human but not! 😭😭😭
    I would love to see a studio ghibli film with Kurt Russell and Anthony Hopkins or Gary old man
    Pom Poko is my second favorite Ghibli film, after Only Yesterday. I really like Yamadas too, it probably ranks somewhere in the middle.
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    I watched this movie when I was 6 years old and now I’m 23. Despite all the years I’m still in love with this movie! It’s my number 1 favorite movie. Until now I still ship Haku and Chihiro and still wishing that there will be an epilogue for this movie 😭. The movie itself is amazing and it still stir up my emotions. The soundtrack is really calming as well. Standing applause for this movie 👏.
    Albträume fürs Leben
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    Tangina it’s 2019 and I’m still hoping for the part 2😭 I was in grade 5 when I discovered this movie and in love with it since then. I’m in college now buuuut boy this is the best animated movie for me and would love to watch it again and again :((((.
    Saw this 20 years ago when i was 16 after hearing about it on the internet and hyping up that it’s coming to the US on video and reading about it in magazines, i rented it and loved it and been one of my fave anime movies and animated movies..

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