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    Maaannn I’m exciting to see his come uppp!!😁😍😊 #SecondChances #BlackMagic
    I love Whoopi Goldberg

    I really wanna see Columbus Short win. #bringbackHarrison 
    Smh this trailer was basically the whole movie.
    True! to… the, Game, Online, Megashare
    Always a fan Columbus Short❤
    I don’t know this guy I’m a South African but I have too say I love him for he’s honesty, I wish him all the best, really!!
    This looks like a rare movie. Great cast. I’m waiting impatiently now.
    Well it is better than some other movies coming out right now.
    He looks like he has a mean temper.
    sisterhood of the traveling convict.
    Why do all of your trailers reveal the entire movie? Jesus!!!!!! WHY???

    Well that was a nice short film.

    Whoopi: What if I die? wheezing Tessa: –. _ –. Me: LMAO

    If we could keep that rythm of dropping a trailer a day with Tessa Thompson in it that’d be great. That woman has such a great range though. She can play badass deadpan Valkyrie, shy genius Josie, and now compassionate prison guard. AMAZING !.

    hopefully shonda bring him back for the last season

    Tessa is so fine

    Another Hot Pursuit?

    loving the considered colour palate. a beautiful contrast of cool tones (blue; green) w/ warm tones (yellow; brown). perhaps illustrating the contrast between the two protagonists but suggesting that they still complement each other.

    Yes, seems like the trailer showed the entire film. Feels very much like a female version of Midnight Run – De Niro and Grodin 1988, a very good film..

    she better not bring up 50cent again.

    So crazy how fast your life could change in the squint of an eye…the same squint of an eye he just gave when they showed that pic of his wife. lol! But I hope he is able to move on to greater things because he is a great actress!.
    True – to, the! Game? Full… Episode
    Damn I forgot he got fired from Scandal…however, I applaud his honesty and sobriety in this interview. So good for him!
    literally showed every beat of the movie
    This was a great interview, I really love Vivica A. Fox and Columbus Short, he’s doing so well.

    I love Tessa so so much!!! AAAH! This looks really good too!
    *queue hipster music towards the end
    Yasss!!! at 9:02 Big up Montego Bay Jamaica up up up JM <3

    Columbus Short was NERVOUS as F%^%$# lol
    Looks good,though the trailer is like watching the movie. They showed us the beginning, middle,and the ending.
    True. to. the, Game, movie. watch? online in & english
    So he dogs the woman he picked to have a child with… Not into this guy at all… I have little respect for those who cannot take advantage of opportunities
    If it hadn’t basically just shown the whole movie, it would be one I probably would have watched.
    K so he BLACK in Scandal and Brown on this interview. I’m calling Bleechment.
    It’s funny how the table’s turned with Manny and Columbus…🤔
    True. to & the, Game & Online, HBO. 2018,. TV, live, steam: – Watch. online
    Comedy with a serious tone, I like it.
    Wow. Now, that’s a terrible trailer. It literally showed the ending. Good grief. Edited to say: …and don’t say I shouldn’t have watched it. It’s a trailer. Not a spoiler. Trailers are supposed to advertise a movie, get viewers intrigued to watch; not spoil the damn ending..
    Wendy lookin great, he looking good and I love what he said – so hopefully he makes it better <3.

    And Vivica A. Fox looks fantastic!! Like she said she’s always pimpin Sis stays productive..
    I know where this is headed a young black women who is trying to support her black culture and out done these white folks man this is why i just go and watch youtube videos.
    Ok he’s better now Bing him back on scandal! … he’s really not dead just working for b613 lol
    Who brought Onions here?! Or was it 2 specks of dust [In both eyes]?!!! Feel-good movie of the YEAR!

    True… to. the & Game – in… tamil

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