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    This maybe is the other side of Maria, which we all have. But then again, CALLAS is the OPERA.

    Una grande …. ❤

    Where is my double? NOBODY CAN DOUBLE CALLAS!! So true!

    Claroooo Onassis le colocó modistos homosexuales ….pobre Maria , con el TALENTO IMPRESIONANTE Q TUVO…a eso se dedicaba ese sucio…a hundir mujeres …justo lo q el no podía ser!!!.
    La habanera del principio no es La Callas!!!
    Ah! je les relis sans cesse

    María! by… Callas & trailer:, civil
    Que viejo mas feo😱😱😱😱por DIOS
    She’s just amazing
    Me ha gustado la tragedia griega de estos personajes. Buen trabajo Blanca.
    La Divina …
    I just can’t wait to see that… This woman inspires me! 💗😍 La divina 💗😍
    OnLinE free 2018.
    onasis busco a maria estando ya muy mal.pero jackie no permitio q se vieran.jackie era una mujer obsesionada con hombres ricos.le pidio un dineral a cristina onasis despues xq cristina no qeria verla.

    Did I hear one guy here made a comment in which he compared maria callas with a pachyderm ? 😤.
    My God… these men slaying her. She was phenomenal in looks , talent and attitude 😘 Bella Maestra.
    Ayyyy QUEEEE manera de reír!!!!! Onassis y sus artes amatorias ….jaaaa….
    To say that Callas was the greatest is just rubbish,yes she was great,a wonderfull actress,but the voice had faults as well,no singer wether male or female should be burdened with this title or honor,the perfect one has not yet appeared,we all have favourites,but should listen and give others their dues,+ our ears have varied response to sound.Enjoy your listening to all,have your favourites,let all have the joy of these artists past & present,Rene 88 yrs on the planet.

    Watch? María & by, Callas… full, movie & download! in. tamil

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    María… by Callas, in… tamil

    This is just another example how people (the media) likes to take someone apart ,especially a successful woman. It must be easy to undersand for anyone with some sense what it takes for Maria Callas to be who she has become , and yet people find it s easy to critisize..


    Mùsica. Muy. alta

    She wasn’t a great beauty but still very glamorous

    Her life was a real opera, so beautiful and so dramatic, full of love and sorrow.. I can’t believe she died so early and so lonely… I cried my eyes out.. Rest in peace dear Maria, you will always stay in my heart.

    The success of Maria Callas is that she feels DEEP. not because she got skinny, idiots. There are so many heavy weight singers who are stars and no one can cast shadow on their talent. I think this film is outrageous to the great opera singer and artist.

    Perdón por la resubida pero el audio del final, Madama Butterfly, no ha colado…tiene copyright y lo he tenido que cambiar..qué penaaaa!!!!

    I love the intro to this trailer 😍 it has a rather sinister quality
    Brava, brava, brrrraaaavvvvaaaahhhh!!! La Divina!!!
    María. by, Callas, movie? free, download
    The actress talks like Sofia Vergara instead of Maria Callas
    Callas had the gift of innate ability to be intimate with her listeners. Her audience feels her interpretations. Del Monaco stated that Tebaldi had a most beautiful voice, but Maria has something special going on. I think he was right on both accounts. R.I.P..

    María, by – Callas, hd. OnLinE, free

    Available in putlocker quality,
    Watch full movie vietsub hd María by Callas kisscartoon {Watch María by Callas Online Online | Fidelity Labs} Download Subtitle English maría by callas Watch Movie.
    María, by. Callas. Online. HBO, 2018. Online

    What a terrible movie ! … despite the talent of Fanny Ardant
    When is the release date
    María, by Callas? Watch & Online, Full, Free
    What a great documentary! Many thanks
    I want so much to see this
    Maria Callas una gran diva, que su unico pecado fue enamorarse de Onassis y él por su poder compró a la Puta del momento. Las unicas personas que amaron a Onassis como persona fueron sus hijos y Callas………..Que triste………….
    Btw, The Metropolitan is always a disgrace among opera house. Callas was right. The Met is still a mess, bad taste and snobby. P.S. the letter reading VO is Joyce DiDonato ~ GREAT CHOICE !!! <3.
    Passolini asesinado en 1975??? Gay??? Y…no es nada difícil saber x qué!!!!

    Onasis should have been horse whipped for the way he treated her…what a shame that he ever crossed her path!
    I’m a novice re: opera, but I recognize the brilliance of this woman. One of a kind, for certain. —————–Wolfsky9, 72 y/o
    Jackie Kennedi ni si quiera es bonica como ella, ni talentosa, ni nada.
    Que suerte del viejo billeton haber tenido algo co jackei kenedy y.mria. callas…..finas y.bellas talentosas ..onasis tambiem tuvo su tragedia ..era frio y calculador ….triste final.para los tres….
    Such a classy woman. BIG OLe Onasis had a type…

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