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    Just some english comment passing by. From Czech Republic xD

    This movie reminds me of THE ADVENTURES OF WOODRUFF AND THE SCHNIBBLE. Very similar off beat theme.

    Oh my god, the sound effect when he transforms back to human

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    is it sadder than hachiko


    Basically my childhood.

    I love the strong platonic relationship and not the cliche romance
    Hach wie ich diesen Film liebe :3
    I remember watching this movie for the first time as a kid and that no face gave me nightmares for days. One of the few movies I watch at least three times a year.
    I love Lin’s voice

    Bro I loved this movie when I was younger! I’ve watched this a lot of times
    This was the video I found on the Internet December 2001. Unsubbed, low resolution, exciting montage of scenes and gorgeous background music. Involving, strange and fantastic all at the same time. With wonderful animation and more than interesting characters. This got me hooked on anime. :-).
    can someone please give me link to the US version? cuz i keep stumbling into the UK one… :(.
    2:00 – I wish that could happen to people I hate. Being turned into a pig, I mean.
    This is my favourite ghibli film

    When the parents turned into pigs i got scared as heck
    honestly, the dubs are done so well.

    am i the only one who has seen this trailer like 200 times and still isnt tired of it?

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    This movie made me cry. And people tell me The Fault In Our Stars is the saddest movie ever made hahahahahahaha NO!!!

    Is it sad that I watched this on vhs

    I remember a long time ago I watched this with my teacher in kindergarten. It’s been so long.

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    I remembered being so CREAPED OUT by this movie omg….

    She never woke up…

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    ich habe den Film schon so oft gesehen, aber früher hatte ich immer Angst:D

    This is the creepiest damn movie ever.
    i love this movie, the borrowers and the littles! all great movies!
    I remember coming across this movie when I was 10, at first I was all like Oh cool, Japanese animation. And by the end I was bawling, no movie before watching this film had ever made me cry..
    crap drun wo her sol ich das wisen!

    Anybody know where i can watch this again?
    one my alltime favorites, like all of the myazaki pictures
    I just watched this anime. Some minutes ago i’m crying
    That scene when her parents became pigs,terrified and traumatized me a lot!

    No face actually scared me. And I had a crush on Haku JUST SHUSH SHUSHHH WE ALL HAVE A CRUSH ON Haku.
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    Favourite Miyazaki film <3
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