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    ▶➟➟ STREAM ! DOWNLOAD Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert ⇐⇐⟸


    I think half the views are from me. You can tell Tim just loves performing this! :D.
    thank you!!!!
    Tim Minchin is the perfect Judas. His voice, acting and his public take on religion make him believable, respected as an artist and made me look at this musical in a whole new way. Loved it and love the work of all in this production. .

    I don’t know my sister thought Jon Stevens was pretty good looking, personally as a male I’d rather look like Stevens than Minchin. Don’t get me wrong though he’s a fantastic performer.

    Best Rock Opera ever !!! 13 yrs old on Acid, tripping with my best friend. We were both captivated by the music.. 1975 on green in Westmount, Montreal . We didn’t think anything would or could touch the Rock Opera Tommy but this left us riveted in our seats . The opening scene of judas running over the sand dune . A couple seconds later you see the tanks rolling out after him , just cool ,in fact to cool for school. We skipped the afternoon thinking we had the perfect excuse……….we wanted to see a movie about Jesus !. What parent would give his kid shit for that ? Anything but that !!!!!!!!! Once a week, a tab of acid , doozies , munchies and a flic ..

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    True dat. ;D

    Sarah Millican: Control Enthusiast Watch Hd-720p.

    one of the best soundtracks ever, i listen to it again and again! Amen!
    Happy Easter everyone. Appreciate this recording, too. Nice to have it play all the way through. 
    THE WORST performance of this show EVER!
    As a Christian young adult in 1970 I was very excited when this album was released. I studied it for hours and was intrigued with the music, humanist clarity in the lyrics, and near Biblical accuracy. As a Sunday School teacher of high school students I used it as an intro to a Bible study course. Unfortunately this work won’t join the likes of Handel’s Messiah or George Stevens’ production of The Greatest Story ever Told in the annals of great Christian works because it failed to tell the complete story. Without the Resurrection it’s just another sad story. Even the delusional Scarlet in Gone with the Wind left us thinking about tomorrow..
    Looking back, it shows that as good as Ted Neally is, he and everyone after the original album are merely covering what Gillan did here. He simply wrote the book for the Jesus role..


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