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    Great review Jason!  Good to hear some support for Dustins movie. I havn´t checked this one out yet but it is certainly on my list. Hope all is well with you bro. Have an awesome weekend..
    Her, Name, Was, Torment – III:… The… Highest. Choir. Online! Hindi, HBO – 2018, Online. Free. Download.
    is that the mask from house on dead end street in the background?

    Always enjoy your reviews Dave, you always do a good job. Keep it up! I certainly wanna get this one someday if there are any editions left then. I wish i had more money so i could give support to Dustin and some other indie great filmmakers..

    This looks interesting and original, and a little weird.


    From tonight on i’m a big Dustin Mills fan. Saw this and Kill That Bitch tonight. Both great.

    Can’t wait to get my copy, I have it on Pre-Order of course! This sounds so awesome, man I can’t wait to see it! Great review Dave!!

    It’s his will and his will is divine and perfect. LOL Awesome

    This film is so different than all of his other films. I really enjoyed it because I’m a huge Dustin Mills fan. He even said that its an experimental film and people mite not feel this one. I really loved the fact that the doctor (Played by Mills), was outstanding and also that you never seen him. I loved the film. Sick and twisted shit IMO. Very enjoyable IMO…great review Jason! Oh BTW, I used that intro we shot at wasteland in my new Random horror review series. First review was Murder University!.

    Her. Name? Was, Torment. III:! The? Highest, Choir… movie… watch, online. in, english.

    Awesome review, Dave and I gotta say, you’ve just really amped up my excitement for this one, I think it’s right up my alley. .
    Great review… I agree it makes you want it again to see what you may have missed and leaves you wanting more of the story and the characters!  Dustin again shines as a wonderful story teller!.
    Wow. Excellent review, Dave. As soon as Dustin started to mention Torment in the Underground, it got me interested immediately. When I can get some extra funds, it’s gonna go towards this one.
    nude torture bondage gear and a terrific mask  this movie looks sick 

    Looking forward to seeing this one. My copy just shipped so it wont be long. 

    i think i will like it cos i loved necromantia.

    I just watched this last night and I enjoyed it. This movie definitely wasn’t as brutal as I thought it was going to be. This isn’t a bad thing but most of the people I talked to before seeing it made this sound like it was a total gore-fest but it really isn’t.  BTW great reviews. .
    Her, Name Was. Torment & III: & The & Highest, Choir, link.


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