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    This guy is American treasure.
    You guys could have at least hired a Dutch person to teach you how to pronounce his name. He’s not named Van Go. He’s Van Gogh. When you make a film about someone, at least make sure you nail his name..
    Now take him to a hipster art gallery.
    My favourite episode. Still gives me the feels.
    is Mads playing as van gogh’s friend from the mental hospital?

    Maybe God made me a painter for people who aren’t born yet😢
    Oscar in the bag.
    O my god. I wanna watch this on theatre! I hope they show it in the philippines
    The risk the doctor took just to show someone how much worth they have even if it’s after they’ve passed away.

    this is honestly one of my all time favorite doctor who moments
    Willem is a Dutch name. Simple. Not everyone gets an American name. Derp.
    If he approached me in the street, I would give him anything he asked for just to make him go away.

    man he is so joyful and looking at him makes me smile
    Underrated episode that made me cry for ten minutes straight.
    When Doctor Who was good 👌
    How’d they manage to find an actor that looks so much like Van Gogh
    I’m devastated by this trailer… Willem Dafoe was BORN to play Van Gogh, looks absolutely mind-blowingly genuine. What a treat for lovers of art and Vincent especially!
    Just the sound of his voice brings so much nostalgia! What a great man!
    Van Gogh had such a heartbreaking life made worse by the amazing gift of Synesthesia diagnosed as profound Schizophrenia and Meniere’s Disease /Tinnitus misdiagnosed as insanity amongst other soul crushing events..
    i miss a good DR who ……i miss you guys but i had to go….. the new who told me off just like ghost busters and starwars am done but i really do miss a show just trying to be a good show and not what it is now.
    nice another story about Van gogh ! cant wait for this being an artist myself 😀 but imagine if theres a good actor whos the pefect combo between willem Dafoe and Bill burr , would look just like Van gogh.
    I’ve been watching for a long time and love it. But what the hell is the SUDDEN LOUD MUSIC AT THE END? Pelease get rid of that!.
    Absolutely tear-jerking

    I love Vincent Van Gogh and i’ve watched every film based on his life. This is the first time i feel all his passion and mental illness is being faithfully portrayed. Dafoe’s performance looks stunning..

    Vincent and the Doctor. One of the best Dr. Who stories of all time.
    Why did he not play joker??

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    I just want to see the girl who made the van gogh slice his ears

    One of the Best moments in doctor who
    My ears!
    My Daughter’s Ransom
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    what he has a ear?
    The outro music is way too loud. Please fix it
    glad he mentiond last temptation! great movie and proformance.
    at willow creek
    Wait a second was that… turns around naaaaa couldn’t be
    Seems like a Terrence Malick movie rip off
    If he’s supposed to be Van Gogh, why is his accent American?
    Willem seems like the sweetest guy ever
    Will-em Da-foe Vin-cent van-Gogh Same syllables, cadence, and vowel sounds Can’t wait. I ‘m a little irked that Dafoe is about 25 years older than Van Gogh was at his oldest, but I think Dafoe will probably change my mind..

    How has this guy never been cast as the Joker! DC make it happen!.

    Willem is the Dutch spelling of William. My Great-uncle was called Willem and his nickname was Wim..

    Back when Doctor Who was brilliant…memories, eh? The only criticism is that they should have used one of the great female artists from the past lol..

    Sed de Vida con el señor Kirk Douglas, es espectacular.

    This is one the the most memorable Dr Who episodes for me.
    It looks a wonderful movie, and a fantastic cast.

    A great actor. And yep by the way; he was just hilarious in Mr. Bean’s Holiday :)

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