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    DOWNLOAD ; WATCH Anthem of a Teenage Prophet


    1:50 that must have been fun for her

    1:06 Avan? 😭

    Taking survival of the fittest to a whole new level….

    Peyton what are you doing with your life😑😧

    Logan Paul is better than Jake paul

    Oh look, a story about a hoe who gives up a stable life/relationship and balance to go chase after a stable life/relationship and ends up miserable. A classic

    Did anyone else notice that the black guy grabbed his head after only his back hit her….. He didn’t even hit his head….

    is jerome the joker

    I think we know ur blake just sayin :)

    I almost cried.

    I want to fap to Peyton but can’t get head because of Logan Paul
    My head is shaking – this film so does not deserve a low score – the adaptation is top class and the acting is exceptional – the young leads are a lovely surprise – some of the themes in this are grim so it is not a film for tweens or young teens and it may be triggering for some – but a contemporary work of art that celebrates the need to find your voice, discover your gifts and understand the great value we each bring to the world :).

    Ugg i question the world now
    Is this documentary for Logan Paul’s hair?.
    This is how I fell every time I have a test at school
    Sou o único que entrou pq viu a Emma de Jessie na thumb??
    I watched this movie, and I had no idea that was Logan Paul.
    Wait i think i read a story on this before
    What if you’re absent on test day?
    lmao, America being the most educated, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA we’re way behind in education lul

    I thought he died I started crying but he didn’t this was so sad I would have failed 😢 he did all that because he thought his girlfriend died that crazy if I was him I would have been sad but I wouldn’t want them to put that in my neck 😢.

    When the overall story is weak, actors could only do so much. I liked the message in the end hence 5 stars out of 10.

    This is sorta like da hunger games lol
    Isn’t that Avan? Omg feels like decades

    Omg this reminds me of my favorite book The Testing 😃😃😃
    Hold up is the girl called Laina?? My name is Laina and my boyfriend is called Blake! 😂
    Is this like a final destination type of movie??!
    sorry cool movie
    This movie was great
    Im not saying killing people is good, but if things got this serious this would be the only way… Would you rather die or make the whole world population extinct?
    I see Zoey i clicked.❤
    Cant take this guy seriously 🤣
    Plot twist: KSI is the bad guy 😂😂
    what country would kill people for failing school lol
    Slut: The Movie
    i wonder what the thinning does. talk about new purge


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