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    Noah is that you?! hehe

    no it doesnt. does it say that 464564 dies?

    This movie looks like shit

    Dang, how would you raise a baby in this environment? They cry and make hella sounds

    My neighbors everytime I make a little bit of noise


    Amazing movie, truly underrated

    What if some one farts rght

    what is this? a symbiote?

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    The Last of Us ?
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    Type Masterminds motorcycle bandit into youtube and you can see where they got the idea for this movie. 
    I’ll probably die thinking about things I did like 10 years ago 😭😂😭😂
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    this movie and drive are my 2 favs
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    That’s awesome! Yeah I’m from Schenectady too, so I was there during the filming (But I’m not an extra).
    I just finished watching this movie and I came straight here to see what others thought of it. I thought it was incredible, it totally blew me away. I got more and more engrossed in it as the film went on and I didn’t want it to end. It would be amazing if there were to be a sequel made, I want to know what happened to Jason in his life after he bought the bike at the end and rode off. This is a masterpiece in my opinion, I love movies like this. Movies that have that neo-noir feel to them, that are slow and captures the emotion and tries to tell a story that means something and continuously draws you in. and those movies that have those intertwining/linking plots that kinda makes you feel like you’re solving a mystery along with the characters. It totally beats 90% of the the big budgeted Hollywood garbage..

    no. this have nothing to do with the movie drive. 

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