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    ➞➡➛ WATCH Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe ⇦⇐⟵


    I love you Erin and have been here with you for awhile. thank you for continuing the good fight, speaking out about these injustices and murders. You aren’t alone, we’re here next to you. ♡.
    Why can I not download this? All such docus should be made available to download incase the site gets blocked one day..
    Honestly there’s too many people on this planet, just let those anti-vaccine sheep do their thing ,and watch them die out..
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    Allucee+Vaxxed:+From+Cover-Up+to+catastrophes naturelles


    vaxxed from cover up to catastrophe full movie

    vaccines cause adults

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    Thanks Erin Elizabeth! I always share your videos. People have to be completely brain dead not to think that vaccines have a connection to autism. My next question because it seems so deliberate is why? It is not just the money. Something else is going on for a group of persons that seem to want a large portion of the population to be diagnosed within the autism spectrum. Just my opinion..

    The CDC and Gov have been murdering its citizens for thousands of years. Murdering up to 50 million Indians, murdering millions of blacks, murdering millions of Mexicans and I could go on… this isn’t new. So, walk away from our matrix. Move to healthier countries, stop using money, stop working for criminals… simple.

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    These people need to be imprisoned. Child neglect at its worst. Lack of education is killing kids..

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    So it wasn’t just me who thought she was rude.

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    Watch… Vaxxed:, From! Cover-Up. to. Catastrophe – Online, HDQ

    I saw this Vaxxed documentary, and I am thoroughly disgusted at what the CDC and big Pharma has allowed… The poisoning of helpless little babies and toddlers! Shame on them!! I never had children, and I am glad that I didn’t before I found this out. Everyone should see this..

    Jane should be smacked!
    Memento (2000).
    Very informative!
    People need to realize just how highly unusual it is for De Niro to come out talking like this. I have never heard him speak so emphatically. Just look up his past interviews. He is known for not being much of a talker and keeping it very low key..
    Allucee Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to catastrophe
    how may we watch the actual vaxxed movie if we have no moneys for purchase
    allucee vaxxed: from cover-up to catastrophe crossword
    When it comes to corruption think about the zion’s holy trinity. Wall st for the money, DC to make it a law so they get guaranteed government checks, Hollywood to keep the public believing that what ever they are selling us is just what we need..
    I love Sydney White. She is great and tells the truth about the bankers and the government. She has a lecture on the history of vaccines. If you search studies in propaganda vaccines it should come up. I love the way she lectures.
    She’s nasty. She’s not a nice person.
    Allucee+Vaxxed:+From+Cover-Up+to+catastrophe de tchernobyl
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    Thanks for the measles outbreak I’m Shure a lot of soon to be dead kids would be happy

    moving quotes from state to state
    I don’t trust Deniro.
    EVERY vaccine contains neural toxins. Something is so seriously wrong with our world.. Peoples minds are failing to grasp the reality.. the horror.. It’s isn’t a conspiracy so much, as a failure on our parts to measuring fairly this circumstance.. It is our failures to support wise men and women speaking freely for justice as fair play.. We need a commitment to do right for ourselves not blinded in error, without questioning.. ‘yeah doctors.. they always know what they are doing’, as so then, in faith people sacrifice the responsibility themselves – as the newspapers and TV tell, selling us out without opinion on such carnage. EVERY vaccine contains neural toxins. I can only warn from my vantage, you must not trust blindly in what doctors do.. In Manitoba Canada, there is near no accountability whatsoever.. No true complaints departments..No newspapers or magic TV defending. No police whatsoever, yet.. Instead, we are sold, it is faithfully self regulating. For example, neural toxins in every vaccine given to newborns many many times over? what?.. Radiation for cancer? We deserve the very best we can give.. as a truly caring society.. assessing the reality scientifically. I don’t will undo worry.. I will to make my tragic loss a gain for others, left unaware. Seek, Important: The Public must be warned.. Save lives.. Support a Public Inquest.   Your trying to be friend of life, John Kinal. All invites welcome..
    She has done this before with Robert De Niro in an interview on the TODAY Show. He is talking about the Vaxxed movie and she try’s to divert from the topic but he goes back to it. It is so obvious what she is doing..

    Maybe he pulled it to get all this free PR.
    Our medical community is a fraud. Dishonest doc most of them
    Brave people.heros.
    #SEEKNSPEAK ….like it

    great video Erin 🙂 i have always liked de niro
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    Well said…don’t be afraid to speak the truth, seek the truth ….. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me..
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    Enjoyed your commentary, thanks.
    Brave Man ! Appreciate the Brave and truthful!! So many lies being put upon us. They view American people as their sheep..nothing more. Greed beyond anything human is gaining control in so many areas of our lives. Thank you Erin!.
    Does anyone have the vaxxed doco I wanna watch it
    I really don’t know why people insist on seeing this issue in black and white. Vaccines do work, and quite obviously, sometimes they also do NOT work very well, as is evidenced in the outbreak in vaccinated populations almost every year. Sure, of course, most people will get them and suffer no apparent consequences. But it is a fact that others do – others do and have had horrific reactions, some damaging, even death. In THAT light, it should be easy to understand why some people might want to question them. Most anti-vaxxers are former pro-vaxxers. Almost every set of parents that saw vaccines hurt their children used to be pro’vaxx. It’s really idiocy for people to assume that a medical intervention, which is what vaccines are, is 100% safe with no consequences. Idiocy..

    let Jane and her family get all of the vaccines first….
    This is awesome, thanks.
    this channel goes in
    Little Singham aur Kaal ka Mahajaal
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    These people are desperate to find a reason that their children have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. The reasons that there are more children being diagnosed with Autism is because Doctors and Therapists are better educated on what to look for. I understand wanting to find someone or something to blame but the one thing that we know for certain is that VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM Vaccinations are a 250 year old proven medical, preventive treatment. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world have been vaccinated. If vaccines caused Autism hundreds of millions of people would be on the Spectrum. Remember that case of Polio you had as a child? Of course you don’t because your parents were smart enough to get you vaccinated against Polio so you never had to suffer such a dreaded, life threatening disease..
    I have never had so much respect for Deniro . Great clip have not seen it before , plus I love your voice and attitude so I subscribed great work ..
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    Amen Erin! So right!
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    Mr Curtis smith. Update your research. The link you posted is old. The charges against dr wakefields paper and his associate have been reversed and medical license restored. Dr Wakefield could not afford to pay for his appeal or his would have been restored as well. Later research has duplicated his results and more are linking aluminum and measles/mumps interaction with gut/ brain damage. Want a better link? Go to to update yourself and get current info. Wendy Gibson owes nothing. You owe an apology to her. I’ll bet you don’t have an autistic child who was normal at birth then suddenly changed forever, do you?.

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    Vaxxed: From, Cover-Up. to – Catastrophe. putlocker9
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    Jane must be his handler.

    vaxxed from cover up to catastrophe
    Allucee+Vaxxed:+From+Cover-Up+to+catastrophe de fukushima
    Allucee+Vaxxed:+From+Cover-Up+to+catastrophe naturelle
    Thank you for putting this up
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    Pannaiyarum Padminiyum (2014)
    Vaxxed: – From – Cover-Up. to… Catastrophe… English, Full. Movie & Mojo Watch, Online
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    WHO TF IS JANE? Is that Tarzan’s gf or what? Kind of horsey faced isn’t she? Not that THAT matters….but ahh…Glad to see Bobby D standing up for himself…well….sort of
    Vaxxed: – From – Cover-Up… to – Catastrophe, Online, ,trailer: & civil
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    janes going for the deniro
    Al roker was shhhh,ing denero!!!
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