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These short videos explain ProPurchaser’s value proposition. Since 2001, it has been a go-to resource for thousands of Procurement Professionals.

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The Procurement Profession has been traditionally underserved.


To remedy this, our mission has never wavered since our founding in 2001:
to support our members in negotiations and help them achieve their career goals.


We Do Two Things Well

1 – Help Buyers succeed in negotiations.

Since 2001, ProPurchaser has been a trusted resource for thousands of Procurement Professionals. We track commodity cost drivers that affect suppliers’ production costs and alert our members as changes occur. When suppliers’ costs fall, our members use this information to negotiate lower prices; when costs rise, they fend off unsupportable increases.

ProPurchaser contains data and tools that allow our members to speak with authority, improve their position, and achieve their negotiating goals. (3-minute video explains).

2 – Help Management measure performance.

Most senior managers (and practitioners) say performance and profits would improve if negotiating skills were better measured. The financial rewards of better management are substantial, since purchased materials are often a company’s largest expense category.

ProPurchaser contains simple, effective tools for measuring, managing, and supporting price negotiations performance.
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Chris Mikolajewski

Procurement Specialist, Hartzell Propeller 

“With ProPurchaser, we feel prepared to enter negotiations with suppliers.” 

Gina Boland

Director of Strategic Sourcing, Group O

“ProPurchaser is a small investment that can drive cost savings for your company."

Michael Brown

Director Strategic Sourcing, Allied Motion Technologies

“ProPurchaser Should-Cost Modeling is the best way to prepare for a price negotiation.

Steven Babcock

Chief Procurement Officer, Columbus McKinnon

"My entire team uses this tool to stay on top of commodity and other price movement, challenges and opportunities related to cost."

Tony Bachmann

Global Sourcing Director - Dispensing Systems, GoJo Industries

“ProPurchaser is an indispensable tool for understanding, managing, and utilizing market data to drive better business decisions.” 

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