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    ➡▶➜ STREAM The Case of the Gilded Lily ⇦⇦◀


    I love this channel!

    This is marvelous 

    The Case of the khatrimaza…

    I had not realised how important the messages in this show are. I’m glad I decided to rewatch it today, because it was exactly what I’ve been needing to hear for the past 8 months..

    Omg Emma Chandler who plays Anne Brönte in Poe Party plays Sean’s ex Laurel in this!

    Yes yes yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this. It made my day.

    What a beautiful little short film. I’m blown away! Loved it all, the script, the wardrobe, backdrops, cinematography, the actor’s looks and the acting was AWESOME! Bravo!

    That was great, I loved it. The humor reminded me a lot of Zucker Abrahams & Zucker.

    When u realize Pete is from Jessie… 😆

    What? This is so heavy, how? It’s filled with pain. My favorite line in this whole film.

    I wish this could be a show on HBO or something–it has a very Scott Pilgrim vs. The World feel. I love it!
    LookatthewebsiteTheCaseoftheGilded`Lily Watch Online Instagram The Case of the dailymOtion…

    The moral support banner sign thing I just can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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