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    Im a fan of joe rogans. Not a fan of his over the top super offensive comedy though. I listned to a rogan podcast earlier. Saw his newest special on netflix and decided to give it a try.
    Still pretty offensive i think … maybe im just use to it now. But for most of the show … i had tears from laughing so hard. Kept checking the progress bar to see how much time was left. I didnt want it to end.
    This is by far his best comedy work … and it beats his last special by miles and miles. Which i felt was his best work to date.
    I rate it 10/10 easy. Can we do 11 stars in certain cases … ?? If so this deserves it..
    Special is good. Jokes are good. But it is nothing new… Classic Rogan making fun of vegans, womans and other people he usualy makes fun of.. news voir article
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