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    WATCH The Devil Knows Best


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    so much back and forth with Chloe and lucifer and they hardly talk about there deep talks and kisses and go on like nothing ever happened that better change in season 4. Ughh or they cover up there serious moments with distractions or humour 😩 hope season 4 takes on a more serious route with both there relationship and the story lines..

    one of the best movies I’ve ever seen

    @jtmbb7 Thanks! You definitely should.. :)

    Rest In Peace Philip.
    enter the void.
    Yes she was having an affair… Saw it in the works. Let’s just say.. they looked awesome at 40 years old still..
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    one of the best films great performance all actors
    Gotta admit : watching this scene knowing that we’ll have a follow up story is so damn satisfying, thank you Netflix
    Really solid film. loved it
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    They cancelled this for that other shit called God friended me. Yeah right
    u go


    ahahaha. i love them… especially when they are as wrong as this one… made my day

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    windows video the devil knows best man
    One of the most intense, brilliant, fucked up, feel bad, masterpeice and a lot
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    @The4670 lol
    Most realistic movie I’ve ever seen, hands down. Realer then real.
    fantastic as always 😀 really that was epic, i’m speechless right now but let me know if i had this right .. Sam supposed to be dead to save the world ? And Dean makes Cas kill him to save his bro, and Sam tries to stop him from doin that ? please i need clarification :).

    The Day’s Organ

    And Marisa Tomei gets naked, always a

    I believe this won’t end the way people want it to if there was a 4th season. The devil can’t have anyone for what he’s done. And Chloe seems like she changed her mind about him. But it was a good theme of changing the devil by God’s plan. The only thing I didn’t like about the whole show was they went back and forth between Chloe and Lucifer relationship. It’s like they tried to prolong the show because they ran out of ideas or something. They could have just slowed down their relationship more and build up to. Either way the show was funny entertaining and I liked it. I hope they do go for more seasons..

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    This was a good film…
    Edgy music – Check Jarring Edits – Check Trashy Situations – Check and who could forget the ironic calm music washing in at the end? Just another drug movie! I swear there is a formula to this stuff. Sure, I’d love to see it, who doesn’t watch a train wreck happen?.
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    Why the heck did he used Headhunterz – The Power of the Mind ?.
    The Chamber by Dan Silver
    Anyone know the music when he was starting to get his devil face back i forget easy
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    the Meg, all so known under its unofficial name Bigger Jaws
    @helloimthedoc Thank you soo much girl!! ^_^ And don’t worry, your vocab is more than enough!

    wow…i wasnt sure if I wanted to see this movie or not…I definatly will. It looks amazing!
    This is the best cliffhanger I have ever seen
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    Beginning of the end… Such a good choice of music. 4th season is a must. #SaveLucifer
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    Fox should cancel itself
    Common bitches #savelucifer
    They finally get the point EVERYONE has been waiting for and they cancel the show. Good job FOX!
    i also wanna know the song played in the trailer
    Look at cains legs at 4:22 and 4:25
    I can’t wait for season 4! please, when is it coming out?
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    This is an outstanding film, a final offering from the incomparable Sidney Lumet that will stand as one of American cinema’s great valedictories.
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    I love how when the fight starts Lucifer is just toying with him and when his clothing gets damaged he goes apeshit.
    Sorry for my lazy comment, I’m speechless right now…
    #lucifer #savelucifer #luciferseason4 #season4oflucifer
    The CGI on the wings and Devil face were on point man! The way Lucifer burst in through the window and completely beat down all of Cain’s men, before finally killing Cain.. It was everything I hoped for. I didn’t really want Cain to die, but then he killed Charlotte. That was the final straw for me, so I was sooo happy to see him destroy his ass in battle. Then, Chloe walks in. I first thought it would be another case of nah, it won’t happen, but then he turned around and she saw the Devil face… Those 5 minutes were the best in the entire show. I’m so happy Netflix picked the show up for another season.
    Here from Casey Niestat, Is this going to be in Britians cinimas
    Maybe it’s just me but a lot of great movies seem to have terrible trailers..
    Lucifer didn’t look as horrific as I expected when he revealed his true face.
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    an underrated masterpiece. one of the best films in one of the best years for cinema in the freaking 21st century
    oh yea here we go, the master makes another one again…no matter what,low budget,high budget,pro cast or amateur cast…his films are MUST WATCHs for film lovers! im guna watch it 4 sure!.
    outstanding movie you think you basically can tell the entire plot from the trailer but no it was amazing another amazing piece of cinema with psh.

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    casey sent me here.. now I’m an addict.. and I blame Candice.
    This scene is the only reason i watched the series. I think that here I am the only one have different opinion about this series, I am really glad that they decided to end series, Because there is nothing much in there. it is nothing different from the bollywood melodrama of love & crime we watch here in India literally everyday on TV. Earlier it was good when we find that Lucider a ‘devil’ came to vacation for himself get rid of his god’s duty which is assigned him forcefully. He want to change mindset of society about him or the person who has personality of devil can change and the worst part they frame emotion of Love for it as typical tv series do. Untill when he didn’t fall in to love with Chloe those were the pure message to audience. Later, They all make it about Chloe. Means what she care, what she love for that they make lucifer as Devil Sheldon Cooper? That means he didnt even know what are the emotions? Specially of Chloe. Without emotions how can anyone punish others? The worst part is Removal of Kane’s mark and cursed because of true love? The man himself said he fall in every emotions, every relationship and tried every possible way to die didnt try true love since his curse? Or love for chloe? Again Lucifer out here from the plot. Same lucifer on whom chloe trust blindly, care about him, had feelings about him, directly told kane who just met her that she loves him, had intimate relationship with him didnt even try to say same word to lucifer, she and lucifer didnt had single line conversation after lucy reveals true of himself. I mean that melodrama of chloe has true love for lucifer and with his face. There is nothing much for the future so they taking this show in the alternate dimension of Chloe what if she was Actor’?. After 2 season suddenly it was all about Chloe. I am really happy that series was ended because in the name of Lucifer, its all about ‘detective’!.
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    @TiagoNigga The trailer was probably referring to his honarary academy award

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