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    ➟→➛ WATCH !STREAM Overlord ◀⟸⇦


    There’s only 4 of us sounds familiar doesn’t it..

    There were no blacks in the Airborne especially in WW2. I don’t want Tom Cruise to play Shaft or Major Payne, and I don’t want blacks playing historic white roles because we owe it to them. You wanna make a new modern era film and chock it full of blacks, go ahead, but WW2 is the white mans territory. I’m pretty AFFIRMATIVE on how he got the role too, same with broads in action flicks, enough already. Jewish directors idea too, shocker..

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    African American soldiers were segregated until after ww2 (1948 to be precise) I dont get why the progressive left keeps trying to deny the past because it doesn’t like it. I get that it’s just a movie but still..

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    Right because the first music that comes to mind for a movie in the 1940s is ACDC.

    Just watched this. It’s just Frankenstein’s Army with a waaay bigger budget. And Americans instead of Russians. Still good, tho..

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    Looking for the Supreme One Overlord Of Death Ainz Ooal Gown

    Waiting 😱😱😱😱😱

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    Welcome to France What happened here? They won the WorldCup.
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    ugh christopher robin joined the grey no colour era
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    So I’m actually looking forward to this it looks interesting enough that I think I might like it
    Wow Great News
    WWII Zombie LOL
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    Im looking forward to non of these
    Dead Snow series is better.
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    A long time since we had a psychological/war based horror movie set in a World War since Deathwatch. In fact, it beings back memories of when I saw it years ago. Couldn’t get over it. Perhaps this one might re-ignite those feelings..
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    As a WWII admirer and history teacher (since I work at museums and talk about WW2 history), I love this film. Some of this is fictional and some of it is true. Some of it is inaccurate, and some of it isn’t. The beginning was pretty realistic and the “zombies” had outstanding special effects. I personally loved the film. Although, the scare scenes/jump scares did petrify me a tad. Anyway, love the film and I hope there is more on the way. Even as a WWII admirer, I do like it when some fictional sci-fi, or horror stuff is added. Sometimes it’s best to see something new for a change. I would love to see it again in the future. I’d rate it a 9/10 maybe 10/10 thriller, action, horror, drama, war movie..
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    Well nice welcome to the game is getting a movie adaptation 14:31


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