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    →➟→➟ WATCH West of the Jordan River ⟸◀⟸◀


    In turn, we ask You to leave honest comments after viewing West of the Jordan River.

    Pls name metal band that plays at the bar?

    Any crocodiles ? :-/ Peace with you .

    Charlize Theron is most versatile and most talented actresses of the present era.

    We need peace everywhere in the world . Christian ,Jews,Muslim want live side by side . God bless all of us to win the peace ..

    I got the water of jordan river.

    sequel to Juno lol?

    I love jordan river

    o God amen

    In Sanskrit, Bapat means A Brahmin. Baptise means to turn to be a Brahmin and do no sin.

    @4brynn1 you’re most welcomed!

    Fuck isreal

    I want to go there.

    Best trailer ever !!


    This is a righteous orders for the chip called Jordan river for the righteous biblical Jordan Prince Caspian Wallace he will be representing the baptism of spitual health on 2nd earth for $$5 billion dollars It’s a tracking device as a wwiittcchh xsign villumenatie Lord God //God Lord Ppoowweerr Ppoowweerr Ppoowweerr Ppoowweerr Ppoowweerr Ppoowweerr this river for ownership and Catholic visitations righteousness etc pprroolliittiiccss orders laws and rules of the Earth.
    I spill tears evertime i see Issrael..I want to see it with my own eyes

    1:09 The look before someone mills you
    I swear when I saw this in the cinema I thought it was a advertisement for a product until it was actually a movie
    October 28 is my birthday!
    how i wish i could go there and touch the water… to heal me
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me John 14:6 💖 Beautiful Video! Thank You!
    This is the truth about parenting. I don’t get the incentive.
    i am see thajordn river
    how I wish am from isreal so that I can visit all those wonderful places.
    Such serene water and so pure
    MOVIE SUCKED.. i can act the same and make millions! Dumb movie. truly..

    It’s a beautiful.J love Jerusalem ♡

    Porque todo filme americano, as mulheres acham térrivel ter filhos e levar uma vida em família?

    is this another movie with a super attractive woman and super average/ugly dude who is undeserving?
    Showed this to my wife immediately.
    this trailer made me feel exhausted
    “Hey! Frozen pizza? awesome…” She looks like she is about to unleash a can of Mad Max on him!
    exactly later solid sound engineering master airplane point capital loan.
    i hope i can get baptised here one day. :))))
    Wish it was me in the river of honor
    Thanks for sharing! Recapitulated my visit to Jordan 😇
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