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    Haven’t seen Ryan Potter in YEARS
    1:37 Song????
    I only clicked on this because I thought the boy was cute and now I think the story is cute 😂
    To this day I would still die for Ryan I miss supah ninjas
    midnight sun = a walk to remember. C’mon guys
    Midnight sun best movie def watch it
    HIRO!!! From big hero 6!!! You’ve grown… that boy has been blessed by the God’s.
    Midnight sun was the best saddest romance movie ever if u want to know how to watch it for free comment
    it’s that dude from the supah ninjas oof
    All look good!! Great options gonna watch them all
    This was a wonderful movie!
    I liked the first and the last one ❤
    The guy is sooooo 😍😍😍😍 and d gal though ummm no comments 😂
    ryan is so damn pretty
    Forever my girl,kissing booth,mightnight sun are the best movie ever..
    Titanic? The notebook?
    why is he prettier than her
    I face I haven’t seen I ages ! Was patiently waiting for the credits to see his name, sigh Ryan, it’s been a while

    the boy looks unreal ….

    My real Robin 💓

    lowkey this is so not my type of movie but that boy is sooo cute

    There’s no need to watch it! You have the whole story in the trailer! Thank you ._.

    her acting is…mediocre ,,, she should have at least had her visuals to fall back on but that’s missing too

    Frank Gallagher what you doing here?

    They didn’t include Everything.Everything
    Ryan Potter
    Midnight Sun😍😍😍
    is it just me but i feel like midnight sun it’s a remake of a lot of movies. there’s a japanese movie with the SAME title and same concept. and Everything Everything.
    To all the boys i ve loved before !!!!!!! best one
    Midnight sun was soooooo good. I cried so much, but it was worth it. The ending was amazing

    Why am I the only one who doesn’t like the midnight sun?
    Beast boy of Titans
    the boy is cute but idk about this girl
    Midnight Sun huhu
    Midnight sun was best in this list
    yall gon tell me there’s a film with both nick robinson and frank gallagher yet i had no idea about it…?
    he reminds me of dylan wang they both cute
    Song title?
    Watch Movie The Book of the Sea Torrent Streaming Online no login

    he’s prettier than the girl
    kissing boothhhhh😍


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