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    ➞➞➡ DOWNLOAD Waxhouse Rock ⟸⟸◀


    AHHHHHH Man, love it, classic Rock thru ans thru !!!!
    3:38 that’s his serious face
    1:22 ? x ! 😀 
    so great
    Am i the only one who waited for the clash song the entire video?
    I like san andreas and jumanji
    How many of you don’t like Paige’s haircut?
    Brother is so mean

    Summer (that kid who was trying to sing) was so funny in this! And NO, Summer, you cannot sing.
    Ha adam in the begining
    The Rock and Undertaker are the Masters of Promos

    Simpsons. Anyone. Or Just the Devil Moking a church. Blues Brothers.
    Nick Frost is literally the only redeemable part of this entire shitshow
    @schegyca Pedo bear smells you

    Ip Man 4
    I hope they make The List of Jericho

    we need this for mcr. like no want in it. it is needed.
    Thats is Miranda Cosogrove…
    oh god lmfaoooooo!!!
    the girl who plays page is hot
    0:22 nice haircut Heart
    I better hear the whole theater break out into singing when this comes out lmao.
    This movie inspired me to pick up a guitar!
    Paige for WWE hall of famer
    you 3… groupies
    anyone to tell the name of the song please?
    3:09 Is That Zlatan?
    i worry about bill…why does he look so thin!
    When I hear Paige I think pornhub
    KIVEN HRAT AND Dwayne the rock Johnson


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