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    So nice to see a professional supporting a professional actress.

    I love tyra

    Oof hard pass
    Melanin Magic On GMA
    Love you Lindsay Lohan you are the best 👐❤
    hun har en Bevar Christiania trøje på LÅÅÅÅ LÅ LÅ LÅ LÅ LÅÅÅÅ LÅÅÅÅ
    you should watch now you see it and stuck in the suburbs!!!

    Tyra is so awesome – she really is such a beautiful person on the inside, she proves it every time I see her.

    Cardi is quaking at the moment
    the foreign language hardcoded subtitles because it was illegally downloaded, same.
    Uhmmmm…. this is actually really freaking scary! They were so blatant and obvious with that witchcraft and satanic shit it’s unbelievable! And we didn’t even notice..

    Will Lindsay’s New accent be in the new movie?
    I love you Tyra 💕❤️


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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