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    WATCH ! DOWNLOAD Spider-Man: Homecoming


    Nothing Beats the Original Spider Man and the Original Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), Originally he got biten by a Spider and that’s where he gets he’s Power,.

    This makes so much scenes March 24 is trailer 3 but March 28 is trailer 2 ???
    My only question is who clears the web ?

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    Omg omg omg I so can not wait!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😍😍😍


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    the background music is awesome and classic!! liked it very much…..

    Anyone in 2018?
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    I’m sicked of Mr. Stark treating me like a kid. Jumps in the bed like a 5 year old…
    Iron man 4 featuring spider man.
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    Suck a great actor
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    Problems with this movie/trailer 1.Spiderman still looks cgi af, specially when swinging 2.Mysterio doesn’t have superpowers 3. Apparently his spider senses didn’t trigger when a man with a tranquilizer gun was about to shoot his friend 4.Another field trip gone wrong -_- 5.Now HAPPY likes Peter’s aunt? Dafuq Etc there’s more just gonna edit this one later.

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    This is so different from the U.S trailer.
    The best spiderman movie made yet.
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    2:00 – 2:10 gave me goosebumps
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    it’s funny how people say that this trailer spoiled everything, then all they say is… THEY SHOWED THE FERRY SCENE AND HIS SUIT GETS TAKEN AWAY!!! THIS IS THE WHOLE MOVIE it was obvious that peter would get it taken away because at 1:47 , THAT WAS IN THE FIRST ONE! so this trailer really revealed nothing….
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    I’m glad I didn’t see this trailer before I saw the movie because this pretty much spoiled all of the action scenes..
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    I remember hearing that this was pulled after 9/11. Crazy to think that this was on during commercial breaks while the towers were being covered live..
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    Why does Tom Holland look like Josh Hutcherson and young Leonardo DiCaprio?
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    I am by far the biggest fan of the Tobey McGuire Spiderman so it’s really hard for me to say this… This was the Spiderman I have been waiting for… 90’s Spiderman still my favorite but this one was near as perfect as it could get… One thing though, no Gwen Stacy she should have been in it… M.J. is red headed sorry got the wrong M.J..
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    What is this? Pro Wrestling?

    Tony: I’m gonna need the suit back. Peter: I’m gonna need my aunt back

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