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    ➔➜➟ WATCH En el Septimo Dia (On the Seventh Day) ⟵◀⬅


    Oy vey
    operation ENTEBBE aye
    grettings from Bolivia 🙂
    Great trailer, bad movie. The story felt so dragged out in trying to understand all the sides. It was so focused on being objective that it lost the subjet(ive). They humanized the hijackers and portray Israel as arrogant and careless. Typical Hollywood..
    Team Israel❤🇺🇸
    What a beautifully made movie. The raid is less important than a ballet of how many ways can ~15 actors squirm on chairs. Where the views of and attn. to the terrorists is more important than focussing on the heroic troops who rescue the jews about to be slaughtered by a mad man and his terrorist friends. Where we are made to feel pity for the German female terrorist (using the telephone like a phallic symbol while talking to her Spanish best pal) who feels that a rescue may be attempted and she may be killed. Sob! Where the flim will automatically get selected for 5+ awards at the annual show in LA. WOW.

    En… el. Septimo, Dia – (On, the, Seventh. Day) Quick, Links

    This trailer is much better than the film.

    True story !

    Muy emotiva película felicidades!!!!!!

    Am a Ugandan too and entebbe our national airport,God is not fair y did he take e conqueror of the British empire(idi Amin)if at all he’s still around we would have been far better than Israel.but I loved the movie so nice.

    Laplace’s Witch

    UG 🇺🇬 Standa up!!!

    ain’t no Hollywood or Israeli movie with or without Charles Bronson that can come even remotely close to the real thing. First and foremost, The Prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was himself against the OP and considered it a suicide mission, but he would have lost the premiership either way if he had released the Palestinian Prisoners or on a failed mission. so, he took a Big Gamble. The OP involved a whole lot more undercover agents that poured into Uganda within an hour of the Landing of the Air France plane. a Cessna private plane took Aerial photographs of the Tarmac and the Logistical location and Immediately Transmitted to MOSSAD HQ and that was 1976 Technology. a lot of Operatives were already stationed outside of the Airport and disabled the communication cables. the first C-130 landed in total Darkness without any Runway lights. All of the Ugandan MIGS were blown up before a total departure. all 4 rescue Aircrafts needed to land in Kenya for refueling ( Kenya did pay a high price for Accomodating this!). the 2 German Bader-Meinhof terrorist were as ruthless and heartless as their Palestinian comrades (you can add fictions in the movie). 4 years later, the Americans tried to pull off a similar rescue operation Eagle Claw which resulted in a total failure and hence the creation of Navy Seal Teams..

    Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel. Jews built Israel. Facts are facts. And considering how much propaganda liberal media gives to Palestine, this doesn’t even come close to setting the record straight..
    I love the parts of Idi Amin, great actor. Hahaha she is confused.
    I just saw this movie and my respect for my Israel brothers have Increased love from India
    Watch the one with Charles Bronson instead, it’s much better.
    its funny showing israeel saving women and children at the same time they are killing thousand of womens and children in paltestine
    another pro-israel film and it’s no coincidence either that it just so happened to be released during the current situation. go figure. hope this movie bombs
    that muslim kraut woman see, this is why israel rocks
    Watch Full Length This Is Not What I Expected Without Signing Up Streaming Online.
    José Padilha se firmando como um diretor em ascensão no exterior. Um orgulho para o Brasil..

    Communists are such evil hypocrites.
    maranatha from Cape Verde 
    Saw this the other night. It could have had more depth on the human element and how miraculous the rescue was but the political dimension between Rabin and Peres was great. I’d recommend the film..
    En, el… Septimo… Dia. (On – the! Seventh, Day) – mp4 download

    How about a movie about the attack by isreal on u.s.s. liberty..murdering dozens of u.s. sailors …you got caught…isreal was going to blame egypt for the attack..
    This trailer shows (almost) all the footage of the raid that’s in the movie. 95% of the movie is taken up by terrorists having internal struggles and being really swell people deep down and loads of stuff about a dance performance (i kidd you not!). It’s like a remake of Zulu about the defense at Rorke’s Ridge where they only tell some BS story about the gay relationship between 2 Zulu warriors that are really pacifists and then instead of showing the fight show the mothers of the two talk about the best way of cooking an antelope. Avoid this movie! You’ve been warned..
    Many thanks for this Tube of : Diabolo Niaz. Lord of the Flies . It is called : Babel.
    Sorry, Nothing can replace the Original one.
    Marxists and Islamists have long been comrades in arms against the West
    The First Patient
    Israel’s military mind of 1976 developing from daring to challenging for theater by Zack Sayegh. The raid on Uganda that rescued the newly titled Jewish not knowing themselves they were Jewish or needing to be rescued was a fantasy and occurred during the time they were publicizing the incoming of Russian immigrants to their messianic country as a parade to honor enthusiasm. The raid never took place and was intended to upstage America’s independence celebration of two hundred years its bicentennial July 4 1976 as an inconsiderate jest and constantly reminded resulting from a challenge of which fictional claims would be believed that was an unknown setting for the documentation of Israel’s unexplained appearance out of the blue a scripture named people that is perpetually indoctrinated. The hero colonel Yonatan Netanyahu the future prime minister’s publicized brother was a soviet Jew a fantasized society from the occult that became a fictional character. Those who came and not before were presented with the Torah prepared on parchment as a sacrament to understand and challenge the lack of developed etiquette for possessing the conscience to replace uncontrolled illusions as truths told from ongoing fictional staged performances in place of national responsibilities. The Russians exchanged the Torah the story of sorcery’s evolution into an icon of law to which prayers are chanted referring to it as the Old Testament narrated as tanach. Jerusalem the newly built city and capital was planned to be blessed in place of all others with stories of its temple from printings predated of a holy land having no reality when indoctrinated as history of substance and sediment. The new religion publicized as Judaism explained not many years earlier could profess all beliefs except with the word Jesus as a gimmick as it was not mentioned in the Torah. American Judaism was planned by their families for protection from the new state of Israel and its unknown population they attracted and realized following their unexplained appearance and independent only by song and geography from their Russia to their north. Of the original members of synagogues that were founded in Brooklyn New York by the 1950’s only 50 people including their posterity survived.  As memory was realized obstructed with fairytale fantasies as cover a statue and island was built by Americans in Manhattan’s harbor to remember never to surrender the awakening of awareness to indoctrination along with additional monuments announcing July 4 1776 as our independence day that was only hope to foster the encryption required for the rebellion to attain as knowledge the 4 formulas that are never to be forgotten along with its conscripts from times beginning. With Satan they fought. The chemicals are calcium oxide, sodium hydroxide, water and sodium acetate for the essence that designs dreams and July taken from the chemical expression Joule. The calculation with clarity is referenced to 1773 grams to be deciphered as a division for the base of 3 unit’s slaked lime, soda lime with sodium acetate the powder mixed that finalizes our independence from the occult to declare the bond’s date has arrived.
    has my fav actress Pike.
    Spoiler Alert: Yoni Netanyahu who is brother of Current PM of Israel was leading the mission and unfortunately he died in this mission. He died with valour and he was still shouting commands after he was shot and was bleeding heavily..
    The song is I’d love to Change the World by Ten Years After.
    Hostage Taker: I want the avengers while I wait at Wakanda.

    We are on our way to Israel May 9th for the 70th anniversary of Israel. There’s simply nothing like Israel shalom
    WTF was Idi Amin thinking lol..
    Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (what a timing though!)
    You already gave them Jerusalem, Israel doesn´t need more propaganda.
    uganda knuckles
    Love israel🇮🇱

    I will definitely see this great movie. Israel is Forever!
    Waiting for Islamofascist extremists and their leftist sympathizers/apologists/enablers to show up and start crying.
    Pathetic Zionist Hollywood back at it again with the BS propaganda. Fortunately people nowadays are smart enough to recognize false manipulation. Keep trying.

    i am from Uganda and i cant believe this guys beat us in our own back yard! but anyway many of our grand parents hated Amin who was the president for he was so brutal and killed many of our people..

    After this are they making a film about how Israel started ISIS? Lmao.
    Nuke Mecca and Israel = Problem Solved

    Bad movie, they focused on the germans and ballet, they missed the precisión and preparation of one of the best executed rescues of modern warfare. Save your money, wait for it on Netflix..

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