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    ➔➝➙ STREAM * DOWNLOAD Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience ⇦⇐⟵


    Watching the beginning of this felt like watching the beginning of the Lord of the RIngs the Fellowship of the Ring
    Imagine watching an imax film in 3d while on lsd or psilocybin.
    Looks very interesting. Looks like Cosmos with better production values.

    this might be your jam I love you guys!
    Very Poor. An Atheist view of creation. I watched this in IMAX MN Zoo. It is the poorest IMAX Movie I ever watched as it was a disjointed mix of clips hooked together supposedly at different parts of the evolution of man. The narration was poor one liners, or just brief statements similar to, man he breaths, is was dark and now its light, a big explosion, from nothing comes something. Seriously I was half way thru it ready to walk out. If you believe in god at all or any religion this film will automatically upset you. And its not in 3D and the special effects aren’t that great. Any of the nature movies in IMAX way better. Brad Pitt the Atheists view of the big bang theory and evolution would be a better title for the movie. Its all poorly done, skip this one is my opinion. My other thought is they had Brad Pitt do the narrating as a way to sell this garbage as he is a name in Hollywood. The trailer linked most of the best few second clips together to make it look epic which it is not. This is not in 3D, it isn’t the tech demo full of amazing scenes I had hoped for and the trailer doesn’t represent the movie at all. I recall they kept showing this little girl in a field staring at the sky over and over through out the movie. More examples of how this film is narrated, who am I, where am I, what am I, life begins, life ends, like after every 30 sec of clip was nauseating. In the end everything gets blown up so its not a feel good movie either..
    If the visuals are cool, people who liked Koyaanisqatsi might like it. Wonder if the music is any good..

    is it possible to do a 120 fps 4k video? BTW, I love your videos. People just don’t care about quality anymore.


    trip balls thru th universe would probably be an apt subtitle for the probably intended audience
    Morgan Freeman is still the GOAT of documentary commentating. If we ever come in contact with aliens Morgan freeman should be the first voice they hear
    More antichrist propaganda.  Satanic Hollywood at its finest.

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