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    ➞➟➜ STREAM María by Callas ◀◀⟸



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    This maybe is the other side of Maria, which we all have. But then again, CALLAS is the OPERA.

    THE BEST…..

    I thouhgt this was going to be the trailer of a movie but I will still watch it! I love Maria Callas.

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    La DIVINA !!!! Great amazing history

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    Magnifico. Te felicito. Es un vídeo muy completo y conmovedor. Gracias.

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    She seems like a really cool person
    When you recover from the trauma of this terrible film, you must view Tom Volf’s Maria by Callas. This is her story completely in her own words. Dividing opera into B.C. and A.C., before Callas and after Callas, was probably the only worthwhile comment in Callas..
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    I love the intro to this trailer 😍 it has a rather sinister quality
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    when is the release?????

    como en el reparto pone Marilyn Monroe,,pero vi ayer este precioso documental y no vi a Marilyn
    The woman speaking for her has a voice that is too deep, almost mannish.
    Esa bruja de la Callas; se veia bien arrogante…
    Maria Callas isn’t fire, Maria Callas is… What? Please, help me, I’m not that good at English!
    María Callas,mujer super talentosa y para mi con una atracción particular .Siempre estaremos con ella,deleitándonos de su bella voz.Jackelin y Onasis no dejaron nada ya fueron historia.

    I would vote for Ann Hathaway to portray Ms. Callas in a bio pic. I think she would be absolutely marvelous in the role. She has the looks and the style. Although of course, the singing would have to be lip synced..
    Descansan en paz los 3..
    The best soprano in the history
    Love Maria Callas!!! Can’t wait to see this documentary!!!.
    Must dig out her C.D ‘s again I’m a big fan for years.
    Por favooor
    Brava, brava, brrrraaaavvvvaaaahhhh!!! La Divina!!!
    Magia de su voz? parecía le estaban retorciendo el pescuezo…horrible ese canto…y era feita la pobre; buena pareja con el Magnate…feitos….
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    I can see Cate Blanchett as her someday.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    Vudu María by callahan
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    When I first saw this thumbnail I thought “Wow they really found an actress that looks just like Maria!”.
    Renata Tebaldi la más grande de ese tiempo ! La callas copiaba a Claudia Muzio pero no pudo llegar a esos niveles porque era una engreída y vulgar persona ! otros hicieron de ella algo parecido al glamour, una mujer sin frescura natural ! Todo pose y fingido ! así termino por avaricia ,! Dejo a meneghini que tanto había hecho por ella ! Todo se paga en este mundo ,!.
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    maria callas se parese a vitola
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    Vudu María by calls
    La verdad son todos muy feos sin plata nadie se los hubiera comido. Muy desagradables y no creo en el amor respecto a estos personajes..
    The ultimate DIVA 💖
    Ninguna mujer quita a ningun hombre el hombre es el que se va
    always and forever the voice of passion Maria -♥️
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    I am here for it!

    Oh wow! Can’t wait to watch it. :))

    She was fantastic, yes, however in her category she was rather average. Nilsson took her to school every time!

    at 42:37 the Real face of Maria Callas
    Looks like the film makers put a lot of love into this project, but both the Habanera and Casta Diva are pitched too flat here. I hope this problem doesn’t persist in the actual film..

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    When will this be released?


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