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    ➝➝ WATCH STREAM The Case of: Caylee Anthony ⟸⟸


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    Dr. G is TERRIBLE! I still don’t no why she is used in high profile cases, How many more times does she need to make big mistakes in forensic science examinations before she’s stricken off, She’s a MASSIVE part of the reason that Casey Anthony got a not guilty plea her work IS sloppy and half assed this is the 6th high profile case that she played a big part in the case getting thrown out this case not so much but the others she messed up BIG TIME!!..
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    Some people think nanny thing came from her giving the baby Xanax, crushed up in her drink. Xananny was something she had said before, to friends. I think she was drugging the baby, so she would go to sleep and Casey could go out, knowing her daughter wouldn’t wake up, because she was drugged. I think the night came, when she gave the child too much medication and she died. And being the horrible excuse for a human that she is, Casey threw her daughter out like trash..
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    it’s obvious that she did it but frustrating since there are so many mixed signals. like they said she was very close with her daughter when she was alive. hard to wrap your head around a mother killing their child so it almost makes you want to believe someone else did.. this was definitely your best crime video yet.
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    Can you do the Skelton Brothers case? I’ve heard about this case so much since I was younger and I wanna know more about it..
    She killed her baby free killer

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    The+Case+of:+Caylee+anthony list
    The prosecution failed Caylee. Imaginary nannies, jobs, lies lies lies. Casey is a pathological liar, which her own scattered stories about Caylee’s disappearance prove. If the body has been found before such a state of decomposition had developed, the drowning story could have been disproven/proven. The whole drowning story came to the surface only after the autopsy had been inconclusive in regards to cause of death.. The defense made a smart choice by fabricating a story that required evidence less circumstantial. Baez did a great job for someone defending a monster (in my opinion). He capitalized on the moment, and saved Casey from death-by-fellow-inmate… She’s a marked woman and karma is a bitch. I hope she’s got eyes in the back of her head, because she’ll need them the rest of her life..
    as childish gambino once said: “made the beat then murdered it – casey anthony”
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    Do the moors murders in England it was a couple who took kids and tortured them they even made tapes to send to the parents of those kids begging for life worse thing to ever happen here will never be forgotten ( I’m in Scotland btw ) xx.
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    I live in the south and putting a child in the trunk or in the car during the summer time EVEN AT NIGHT will kill them. It’s in the 80’s overnight down here… From April till about October.. You leave a child for a hour or more and that child is dead. No way she was using that as a method to conceal her child and go party. I believe she drugged her in some way and that probably is what killed her… or purposely suffocated her but she hadn’t been leaving her in the car during the hot summer.

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