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    I would love to see Tim burton make a movie out of this

    This is raping my mind
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    I have the same last name as you 😂 maybe we’re related?
    Mondo Plympton
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    David Firth is my spirit animal. I think I’ll twitttah you this.
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    poor brozime
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    anybody knows what software does he use? how can you paste your face into a moving person?
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    Wait you have a son?

    Put it on Netflix
    Now that I’ve seen it, I actually never thought I’d see David himself laugh, especially in a loud, maniacal way. That part was awesome! 😀 Also, I’m not sure if I’ve seen much or have ever watched channel trailers on Youtube before. But, I am glad to have watched such an awesome, unique trailer by David as one of the first ones I have seen on YouTube. I know you’ll continue to keep up the good work, David. 🙂 Also, I hope we’ll all soon see The Meadow Man finished in the near future. You’re definitely someone who values quality over quantity with your animations and I truly appreciate that, man..
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    This is what would happen if Germany won the Great war
    Why do you people keep saying WTF did I just watch when you’re implying that you bothered to sit through a 50+ minute-long video? WTF you just watched is an animation series about a mentally disturbed man, who may have become insane from loneliness, especially because of a war that happened in the past. You may find this disturbing on the surface but you’re all probably too close-minded to even take a minute to see what truths that this series might have if you were to compare it to real life. One least one truth about this video is that humans are social creatures and that loneliness will make you sick in the head and will affect your well-being with enough time. Salad Fingers may serve as an example of just that. Don’t think that there’s anything inherently wrong with you for watching this video or this series itself. As a human, you were probably just curious about what this video was about, so don’t be ashamed about that. I’ve watched this whole series more than a few times and I still think I’m sane. Besides, if David himself were actually insane, this cool series would probably not be where it is now, since he probably wouldn’t have had the capacity to even make all of these episodes. He’s just creative, especially with his horror-based videos. 🙂 How about less of the judging, everyone. Good. I’m glad you all agree. :P.
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