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    your a wizard harry newt

    Eddie Redmayne would make a great Doctor!!

    I just watched this today and it was really great! But I’m sad Queenie go to the other side 😔.

    Make a movie on harry potter and the cursed child this is out of the context😑

    Already watched, the bad guy is dumbeldour from the beginning, hahaha, didn’t see that coming

    Ahh the magical feeling


    Me, before seeing Depp in this: egh, Depp is going to ruin it with his quirkiness. After seeing this: I can’t picture anyone else as Grindelwald now. For the record I don’t dislike Depp. I think he’s extremely good in most movies he has been (the movies have rather been bad than him). I just watched Sweeney Todd again, and man, Depp really plays sympathetic villains beautifully. Also Secret Window was one of my favorite movies growing up. My worry was that he’d be stuck playing overly quirky characters (Mad Hatter, Dark Shadows, Mortdecai), hope he’s breaking out of that. Loving that he’s playing a more somber character again..

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    0:05 Niffler: MINE !

    you’re lovely as well

    Kids got bored, plot was too complicated it wasn’t a very good film
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    So sad see people in this section said that Grindelwald is stronger than Voldermort. Harry Potter fandom does not have common sense, it seems.

    watch, Fantastic. Beasts. and, Where… To Find… Them… Online
    I just saw the film yesterday and it was AWESOME
    Yeah!! J. K. Rowling!! You go girl, making the Harry Potter Fandom so happy
    Omg I’m dead a trailer for fantastic beast and where to find them played before this trailer

    Newt: Dumbledore, why can’t it be you? Dumbledore: Coz I love Grindelwald
    The feels man… when they were casting Riddikulus in class made me think of Harry and the gang
    I’m so excited 🔥🔥💜

    Really? I sit through this 3 hour Dr Who audition for What’s eating Gilbert Grindlewald?
    Pilfering Pest! Bugger! XDD So cute :3333
    1:53 when thanos snapped his fingers
    Luis & the Aliens
    Oh wow this is so cool. I don’t know whether to prefer this over Harry Potter!
    Tbh Newt didn’t even beat Grindelwald in a one on one duel. He didn’t disarm him with a spell. He had to use a creature to snatch his wand from him. Newt knows he could never beat the second greatest Wizard of all time after Albus Dumbeldore. Because really to be quite honest Grindelwald was winning against the Aurors. And he wasn’t disarmed a creature got the better of him. Not by outpowering him but using underhanded tactics. Grindelwald would of killed all of the Aurors no problem. Only because of mere trickery, did newt win and it wasn’t even him who did it himself he got a magical creature to do it for him. So technically the creature disarmed Grindelwald. Not Newt. And even J.K. Rowling classes Grindelwald as the second greatest wizard of all time after Dumbeldore that is fact!.
    salamander eyes
    I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. I just saw this movie, and I like it. Sure, there are a couple of things I find to be extraneous and unnecessary, and sure, I like the first one more, but still: I like this one. It’s a good movie..
    Love that small nod to himself as he was detained. Yup, guess I’ll kill them all…

    Why do I feel that Queenie is filling in Snape’s shoes… I know chronologically Snape came long after Queenie… but I had a feeling that Queenie is working or will work for Dumbledore at some point just as Snape did (will do in future)..
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