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    ➛➞➡ STREAM Comedy Aid 2017 ◀⇐◀


    oh man forget about it then. I was just texting to wife that we need to see this ‘movie’.
    Great… so best case scenario is that this goes 10 seasons only for the parents to get back together. Or there’s the more likely outcome of it getting cancelled before winter..
    So this is basically Cocaine Cowboys turned into a movie?.
    Men like Clooney and Damon are just jealous because they know that if it was 1874, and they had to travel from St. Louis to Oregon, they would have failed – so they want to soil the memory of every archetype that reminds them of their own personal worthlessness..
    wait this is a TV show!!!
    One of those strange occurrences where I remember seeing the trailer so I watch the movie, but it doesn’t come close to what I remembered, and it’s because they mislead you by marketing it as a completely different genre of movie. Wow!.
    clooney cashing and the coen brothers doing the works
    Ha ha this looks awesome!
    What actors do when they get bored? A boring movie?
    I wish they casted narcos pablo Escobar actor he loom damn similar still I’m gonna watch this pablo story 😂🤘 tom cruise is fab as always
    this TV series does have a movie theater feel to it that caught my attention I will try it, I don’t see it going past two seasons though.
    Ask Dr. Ruth

    johnny depp and penelope cruz did it 17 years ago

    Alright I’m as bummed as the rest of you that this is a series and not a movie, so my only question is when is it coming to Netflix or Hulu so I can binge watch the whole season.

    Looks refreshing for once

    Ask about the people that get killed on his sets. He doesn’t do his own flying.

    dooooooooooooood I just got the comment section from another trailer

    They filmed this movie at my school it was cool. I got to meet George Clooney

    One of the most misleading trailer of all times.

    Man får ik’ en låge så hårdt i hovdet at éns arm og ben falder af xD

    1:36 lol was that Michaela from pair of kings lmao

    All hail the Slept King!

    Reminds me of Air America lol
    How the hell Cruise is not getting old? :)

    Looks terrific. Clooney has a pretty good track record behind the camera, the Coens are always doing something worthwhile, Damon and Moore look like their having fun, and Oscar Isaac elevates pretty much everything he’s in. Very excited..
    Edward Scissorhands meets Double Indemnity Meets Big Lebowski?.

    What do you think you’re doing putting your arms around Jim’s wife!


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