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    ➙➜➡ STREAM% DOWNLOAD Our Madness ←⇐⇦


    2019?? 😂😂

    And I have finally realized

    whos watching this in 2019

    Love from kenya watching it in 2019


    I hope it’s as good as Layers of Fear :D

    I heard Street Corner Symphony’s acapella cover of this and had check out the original. I like both versions.

    This song is a British classic, it got me through the death of my goldfish. R.I.P Jeremy, you will never be forgotten.

    This is such a beautiful and sorta sad song. So much emotion in Matt Bellamy’s voice. I love when he says I have finally seen the light. I also like when he sings I’ve tried so hard to let you go-o Also I love the stuttering of the word madness and the dubstep/EDM influences in it. Besides that the melody and tune of the song is absolutely beautiful. Really shows how Muse has changed lyrically and musically. I love the guitar solo and the guitar he uses. I’m also getting strong Queen influences. Probably one of my favorite Muse songs to date..

    This was music the you life.
    Hier Jmd deutsches ?


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