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    ➝➡ STREAM The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai ←◀


    I almost announced to say move away from the cameras I need to see the couple’s footwork , so good.

    I love that they blended both cultures
    The groomsmen are on point
    Beautiful and classy
    I’m an events organiser here in Nairobi and I can say this is breathtakingly beautiful… Sending my love to our Oga brothers and sisters.
    Lol do not block the cameraman with your IPHONE FOUR.. 😂😂 but in all seriousness they were beautiful. May God continue to bless their unity.
    Pure love and joy
    Fake fake wedding party 2 just dey online, pls upload make we get am

    Is it me, or are all the guys just hot and good looking. Tall, dark and handsome stuff going on

    Beautiful-Beautiful-Beautiful! Lovely wedding sweety.

    True best entrance

    Thanks for posting. Good movie

    Man I love Africans/Nigerians

    Beautiful and classic dress and attire. The entrances were fun…I like how you all started in Africa and ended up down south in Atlanta though…loved it all….

    this is rubbish

    I really like the first song that is playing I don’t know who song it?
    Wait are all guys here kinder cute or I have a lonely syndrome 😅😅
    I want money to be thrown to me at my wedding too!😅😅
    hoa! In clip 12:16 , it was really a grand entrance for the newlywed couple when their guests are cheering for them. Congratulations to the newlywed..
    First class all the way! And so many beautiful, young, educated, black people. There is yet beautiful hope for the black family and diaspora..
    7:19 Damn! Chocolate is sooo sweet!

    Beautiful Couple! Beautiful celebration!
    This mc don’t tear your pant indeed😁😀😁
    Beautiful dance

    best wedding ever God bless you guys😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Lmfaooo yooooooo that lady in the blue dress at the end yelling at everyone to move. 🤣🤣🤣 This is the vibe!!! Beautiful hype wedding. This is a true celebration of love..
    I love her dress and headwear. Gorgeous
    Fresh moves people😍✌😉 I hope I get money thrown at my birthday party.😂👑💸💷💶💴💰💳💲I’ll be rich one day.🎂🎉🎁
    Mask off killed it 😁
    Dis is Stupid
    Nice event, and congrats to the person who shot this YouTube video,….very professional.
    The dance floor is beautiful OMG the sparkliness😍
    What is the name of bride and groom ‘s entrance song?
    Abeg if you are not prepared to be as lit as the Guy at 07:36 don’t come to my wedding
    i looove…😍😍😍they too lit!!i mean the couple..😍😍
    Pls where are the groom’s men, I need to find em
    wow wow!!! so amazing.. lit
    Soo nice n beautiful
    ahn she is so me!! trap all the way. Beautiful wedding tho


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