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    DOWNLOAD^WATCH The Possessed


    احسن فلام رعب شفتو و غربي كثيرا

    Honestly, normally, I can watch every single horror movie, be a little scared while watching and walk out of theaters and forget I even saw it. I don’t really get terrified. For some reason, this movie really haunts me even a day later. There was something so terrifying and nightmarish about the atmosphere and the way the cadaver looks. I think it was a really scary movie, I don’t really understand the negative reviews..

    Why ‘true’ story?

    So, let me see if I’ve got this straight, based upon what I can discern from the trailer. Feedback is welcome: A young morgue employee needs to work late helping his dad on the autopsy of an unidentified woman. Strange features and objects are found in her body along with signs that she was bound and murdered for some purpose, at which point supernatural events begin happening. Seemingly no one else is in the facility and the body has disappeared, implying that it may be possessed by something evil that the two reawakened somehow during their examination. Who or what is she? Plot Twist: THE DAD KILLED HER to cover up his dabbling into occult rituals, experimenting to transcend life & death! 💲 #ShutTheFuqUpAndTakeMyMoney 💲😀💀.


    Why hannah didn’t kill Megan??

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