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    Mantzoukas’ straight man is 21-year-old Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel). He plays Nat, who is leaving the family nest and driving from Texas to Los Angeles to begin art school..
    Here’s the trailer for #TheLongDumbRoad ! Enjoy and leave a like!
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    Nice trailer
    There’s a reason the people the quotes are attributed to is in tiny font
    Hey Nong Man!
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    Jason is one of the funniest actors on the planet – and he should totally do a buddy movie with Zach Galifinakis!
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    Jason Sudekis would have been a better fit.
    acTORS acTING! Dirk Diggler, the later, sadder years. Rose Byrne, what twaddle WON’T you do these days?

    Engine trouble brings Nat together with Mantzoukas’ Richard, an itinerant mechanic in his 30s who has simply bounced around since he was Nat’s age. After Richard gets Nat’s minivan running again, the kid agrees to him a lift to a nearby town..

    Second movie with Mark Warburg and Isabella moner movie together

    Isabela Moner😍😍😍

    Instructor night regulation red lot warn neighbor T-shirt dining this kid practical..

    This looks like………………………….a WINNER
    Thats my boy from Grand Budapest!
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    Why walberg?.i prefer seth rogen

    In this case, the secret weapon is Jason Mantzoukas (The Good Place, Dirty Grandpa), the current go-to actor for nutty but endearing characters. The Long Dumb Road is a showcase for Mantzoukas, who moves into a lead role after stealing scenes as a supporting actor in earlier films and television shows..

    Tig ❤❤❤❤

    When filmmakers title their project The Long Dumb Road, it’s a nod to potential viewers – a tongue-in- cheek way of saying: “Yes, it’s another road movie, but we think we’ve got a fresh take that will amuse you.”.

    wahlberg please

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    the road between friends is never long

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    Pimento can play Trevor from GTA V.

    Remember whenever Pimento is out in some country somewhere, he was lying the whole time.

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    I’m already crying.
    rose byrne oof 😍
    Circumstances conspire to extend their trip together to Las Cruces, New Mexico, and then north to Albuquerque. Along the way, Richard’s antics yank Nat out of his comfort zone, effectively demonstrating the things he can and can’t control and forcing him to overcome unexpected challenges..
    You mean Daddy’s Home 3, right? Where Dusty married with his girlfriend..
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    He can only play one character but he is so damn good at it I could watch him in a 1,000 movies.
    This guy is hilarious …Can’t wait 👍

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    Flash Thompson stuck with Adrian Pimento. BOOM! Nine-Nine!
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    Did Rose Byrne divorce Seth Rogen?
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    Darek is that you?!? (the good place reference)
    Come on hollywood
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    Im getting we are millers vibe…

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