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    If anyone has not watched this movie, I think you owe it to God and yourself to see it!! It will do several things. First, it will make you thank God for the freedoms you have in the United States. We take that for granted everyday. Second, you will learn that there are hundreds of thousands of people all across this world who are disciples of the Lord Jesus most of whom suffer for their belief. Many of these people don’t even understand that there are people, like us, who have freedom to worship God. Third, you will reach into your wallet, purse and bank account, and will give the next time you have an opportunity to give to help missionaries preach the Gospel. We are so frivolous with the money that God has given us, spending it on things that we think are necessary to life, when we could take a portion of that and give it to a missionary for their REAL needs and give the Gospel to a soul who is Hell bound. Last, it will make you really appreciate missionaries. I cannot imagine living in a world without a Walmart, a McDonalds, a Burger King and all of the things that we have here. Yet, there are thousands of people who have VOLUNTARILY left this country to live in places where the bare necessities of life are hard to come by. Where a knock on a door could lead to a prison cell for no other reason than telling someone about Jesus Christ. I heartily recommend you to see this movie. In my area, it came on two showings at the local theater and I was there both times. When the DVD comes out, I plan on being one of the first to purchase it as well..

    Amazing story and a beautiful song!

    does anybody know what cinemas they’re supposed to be playing this at in North Carolina?

    How do we get to watch this full movie?

    This song is based on a true story. There is a movie and a book that has more stories and testimonies. The name of these is The Insanity of God. Please pass all of this on..
    I want to look in Germa.. Please 😭😢💖💖💖
    This is incredible amazing song 🙌🏼

    hi todd!! thank you for such an inspirational videos, the prison clip i couldnt held my tears, what a moving story!!! also the oasis chaimber choir – angela and her husband dimitri are my personal friends, i used to sing in their choir- made all of the voices truly spectacular !! May God bless you and Keep on doing Gods work!!!.
    hello Todd!! Thankyou for singing about the russian, so many of them laid their lives down for Christ. My great uncle and great grand father were martyred in Russia for Jesus too. The song you did ‘Oh God give me strength’ is one of the most loved by us. I cant stop listening to it, you sang it so beatifully! God bless you!.

    Made me bawl. AMAZING song. AMAZING story. AMAZING witness!.

    the insanity of god full movie online

    Imagine if modern day Christians cared half as much about REAL persecution as we seem to about the persecution Christians supposedly feel in the USA..

    An atheist, a muslim, and a prosperity pimp preacher did not like this video.

    the insanity of god video

    is the story of dmitri true? because this gave me the power o stand up and fight! thank you for the song im only 13 too an i beliwvw in god !

    Great message with the question Is Jesus really worth it ? In spite of persecution in foreign countries there are those in the face of death Share the Gospel of Christ And to those in first world countries we certainly can learn so much from the real life accounts of those who came to the conclusion Jesus is really worth it ! ✝.

    Очень красивая песня. Пусть Бог благословит вас! Слава Богу)

    takes courage to stand up what u believe in in the U.S we take it for granted there are soo many countries that have to fight for their faith and we dont i think one day we will have to tho.
    IN SELECT CINEMAS NATIONWIDE A Special One Night Encore Event Tuesday, September 13th
    ohhhh thank god!!! i saw a small ad and thought it was going to be something about people poking fun at christians and making fun of God

    give me strength is just one of my favorite motivational videos

    What Christian lines a burial site with 6 Obelisk’s? SMH…

    I love this song!!! The story that was so powerful on “The Insanity Of God”

    This movie gave me hope.

    the insanity of god audiobook
    Wow!! Amazing faith! Amazing God!
    Absolutely powerful song amazing lyrics 🙏keep it up
    Incredible story; incredible song! Love Todd Smith’s heart, voice and his love for Christ. Thank you for sharing and uplifting Him, Todd.
    Thank you so much. I felt nothing but joy and freedom from this. Thank you!
    I feel sad for Dmitri
    the insanity of god trailer
    It’s a movie
    This was SUCH a good book. Challenged and strengthened my faith. I cannot wait for this movie!

    Great film! That we may, know Him and the power of His resurrection, and may share His suffering becoming like Him in His death,

    Movie Stream The Killing of a Sacred Deer dual audio.
    When does this come out?
    Btw, if you’re traveling to foreign countries to spread the gospel, you better also be doing it in your local area. What makes you think you’re going to do it there if you’re not doing it here? The Evangelical missionary movement is a JOKE. Evangelicals that don’t even evangelize. Great..
    You really gotta be naive or a 21st century Christian to expect something good from a believer….
    the insanity of god
    the insanity of god movie dvd
    Todd, we saw you at Oak Hills church we saw the insanity of God, Awesome! do you know how we can get the wrist bands?
    I really loved Oh God Give me Strength! God Bless you in your ministry
    the insanity of god study guide
    Spurgeon said basically if you haven’t ever shared Jesus, you’ve never met Jesus. I tend to think that’s rather accurate.
    Thanks for that beautiful song

    This movie is in spanish? or subtitle in spanish?
    Every Christian in America should read this book,It is not an easy read, but it is a necessary read. Thank you, Nik & Ruth for all you persevered through and the loss you suffered to bring believers this book.I will always be grateful for a dear sister in the Lord who gave me a copy of this book, it has really impacted my walk with the Lord. I will be ordering The Insanity of Obedience to read next..

    can u tell me please where can I get a book to read about this story that you singing thank you

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