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    WATCH STREAM The Dragon Unleashed


    My Little Pony: The Movie.

    The Dragon Unleashed is not a good film for sure but i have also seen way worse movies out there for sure really. As far as acting and storyline goes? the movie was a huge mess and definitely the entire dialogue and direction and all was freaking awful to say the leastmy cousin has a small part as a Hotdog vender and he made this film go from a 3 to an 11..

    Needs better blood effects… like deadpool’s come on it’s 2018 not 2011!


    I must say this movie tears me apart. There is something here. You see the talent involved and perhaps with a higher budget, they could achieve a bit more.
    I am not sure exactly what really is happening. I assume he’s a higher gun/assassin and he kills bad people. Things just needed to be fleshed out more. The movie had some potential and everything taking place in the daytime was less dramatic. You want to see battles at night. It’s when heroes are needed and the bad people truly do bad things.
    There is also a love story there, but needs to be fleshed out more. No kissing or hand holding, just very dry dialogue.
    The action scenes were decent, a bit basic, but there is potential.
    The movie has potential and seems a bit incomplete. What is the motivation? Why should we care about the character?
    The movie has one great line about the boy you were, would be disappointed in the man you became or something along those lines. It’s a nice line, but needed to be expanded.
    The movie is a 6 from me. The director and the writer has something there. Same with the actor and the camera guy. The movie has a heavy lens flare, but I chalked that up to a stylistic choice. It could have worked, but the movie simply needs more substance.
    All in all not too terrible and the potential for something great is there. Perhaps the movie also lacked humor…..which would have made the character(s) more relatable. With a bit more of everything, there is a good movie here. Watchable, but most people will find it a bit bland and boring. The hero has a cool costume and you keep thinking, there is something greater down the line. That promise is never reached unfortunately.
    Decent watch….but nothing memorable..

    Light fury sounds better

    Ааааааа Боже Вот это прелесть

    How is he flying by himself , when he didn’t like the tail that made that possible
    What i am going to watch that
    Straight garbage

    ….okay I’m out of the fandom

    Wait…. Co… Conclusion?… Wha. how to train your dragon is ending?…already?…………. Thats it… Im old.


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