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    ➞➛➞➛ WATCH , DOWNLOAD Survival Sunday: The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead ⬅⟵⬅⟵


    I’m bored. That’s what comes to mind with TWD series lately. At least fear is sort of unique and has its own style..

    So I didn’t watch this show since Season 2 somebody tell me how they put Morgan into the show?

    So fear the walking dead has change from LA to almost the original walking dead series?? I havent watched fear the walking dead in awhile

    survival sunday: the walking dead/fear the walking dead cast

    survival sunday: the walking dead/fear the walking dead movie

    survival sunday: the walking dead/fear the walking dead free

    Was…was that Walker Nick towards the beginning?
    monopoly the walking dead survival edition

    Isnt fear of the walking dead on the opposite coast of america?

    The music to this trailer STINKS!!!
    Crazy how Fear wasn’t at first liked much but now is better than TWD.

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    I hope they don’t play everything out of chronological order again.

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    2:20 deadass the elevator scene from left 4 dead 2

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    Chris Hardwick’s in the outro…Talking Dead still gonna be a thing?
    I really hope someone sneaks up behind Charlie, and pushes her into that Walker.
    What is wrong with the producers. Season jumps around si much their is no enjoyment watching. Are you watching the past present or future, who knows? This is the last season because you had something good and as usual took it down hill..
    Fear The Walking Dead? More like. Morgan has another moral break down show. Morgan should go back to Virginia and stay there. Lennie James character was strong on Walking Dead but, on this show he just doesn’t fit in. Madison can make a triumphant return and the show will be worth watching again, probably..
    Survival+Sunday:+The+Walking+Dead/Fear+the+walking dead
    Survival+Sunday:+The+Walking+Dead/Fear+the+walking dead saison
    Is Daniel coming back though? That’s what i wanna know
    I think I’m sick of zombies now. It took 8 seasons of twd and 3 of ftwd but it finally happened.
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    Looks good

    Whose ready for the Whispers to be the twist for Fear the Walking dead 💀 end of this season. So many easter eggs.

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    Wasn’t Morgan also in the regular walking dead?
    Where is Daniel. Why are they doing teaser when there is a cliffhanger
    Cool! Mary Poppins Zombies! Yay!
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    It’s funny how a trailer never came out to hype up the first half of the season, but then one comes out during Comic-Con just to hype up the second half. This second half doesn’t even look like it’s going to be as good as the first half, but I could be wrong. Also, could this be the first time we actually see a tornado in the entire Walking Dead franchise? Jeez, I hope so..

    CLEAR!! 😅
    survival sunday: the walking dead/fear the walking dead game
    Nice use of Bjork’s Oh So Quiet for the trailer.
    Morgan is making this show worth watching alone.
    Survival Sunday: The Walking Dead/Fear the walking dead season
    Anyone else find its getting tired and old the whole Morgan “I hate myself and need to clear” attitude. Let’s let him do something about it rather than continue on for another season or two. The “Clear” episode was excellent but was several seasons ago..
    He needs to comeback to the walking dead
    I hate music for fear the walking dead
    Looks good…but Morgan needs to clear one last time then stop this mess 😝😂
    One down, one to go!
    people still watch this?
    Lmao this is gonna be amazing. How did he die. Ahh you know, just another flying walker.
    fear the walking dead movie

    Survival. Sunday:. The, Walking & Dead/Fear, the, Walking, Dead & trailer: – civil

    Survival Sunday: The Walking Dead/Fear the walking dead saison

    This trailer looks BADASS!

    I’m hoping and praying that Madison did make it out of the stadium and she’s just in the road and they find her or something.
    fear the walking dead show
    Where’s Daniel
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    Watch. Survival, Sunday: – The. Walking, Dead/Fear? the, Walking. Dead, Online, Streaming. Full
    First comment

    Still can’t get over the fact that Morgan is Lord Shaxx from Destiny
    fear the walking dead 2
    Is it me or did anyone notice they changed the trailer music and put different scenes in the trailer…
    Sooo………..there is going to be lots of rain…people walking around…and some comedy thrown in? The music in that trailer made me think for a second that it was some comedy spoofing FTWD. Terrible..
    This shit looks good

    It’s a complete new show now, I’m not going to lie, I kind of like where it is going, ready for the second half!.
    I dont like this color!!! Please change it to normal this color tone makes me sleepy and triggers migrane!!!😩😭.
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    fear the walking dead season 1 dvd
    fear the walking dead sunday
    YES! Can’t wait! Love Fear’s music!!!
    i was having a jolly time with my sister by cafting stuff then this add came on while we were listening to songs lol in the end we were having jolly time and they were fighting zombies.
    Dharma busting zombies..? count me in!
    I played a zombie on this show I can see my arm lol
    Only good things left on Fear is Morgan, John and the chick who records shit i forgot her name
    the walking dead shirt


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