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    Watch. Summer of… ’67, English. Full. Movie, Online
    Beautiful cinematography.
    Disturbia much?
    This movie made me sad. It reminded me of stranger things and how I have to wait a long time until season 3 to come out.
    the score of this film must be killer
    Strangers thing drive summer of 84 it the 80’s are back
    Has a nostalgic look and feel about it…definitely with the music
    When is it coming out???? I need to seeeeee
    back when females did as they were told
    80’s + Kids + Horror = Box Office Money
    In A24 We Trust
    Michael Greyeyes, who is Cree Indian, portrays Sioux Chief, Sitting Bull, in this movie. I’m a fan of his, and can’t wait to see WWA.

    Reminds me of Point Break!!
    This movie gives me more of a ‘Stand By Me’ vibe if anything and I am living for the friend group trope + solving mysteries together 💯💯
    Name of the song at 1.50 ? (heartbreaks….)
    OK so I just watched this movie annnnnd it takes pieces from movies an TV shows like the zodiac and stranger things. Its just cause of the 80s its the fact that they all talk on walkie talkies and have retro music similar to stranger things. And the fact that a small town gets hit with something crazy. And it also has a killer write his crimes in a news paper similar to zodiac..

    Cop was the killer and he gets away at end

    Oscar Bait title?

    Ahhh, 1984, I was 13…..good times😊

    What does thus remind me of??? Hmmmmmm

    Summer. of – ’67, For. Free. online

    It wasnt half bad , i watched it and it was decent , good even!

    Summer – of ’67 & free

    Indian is on fear the walking dead.

    i’m surprised they didn’t get any of the kids from stranger things or IT in this. because they’re trying pretty damn hard to be like those..

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