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    WATCH The Brothers Grimsby (2016)


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    British comedy in a nutshell
    does anyone know the name of this song?
    I find Rebel Wilson really beautiful.
    Watched it on bluray.
    Sacha Baron Cohen just showed to screw this suposed-good-movie.
    the brothers grimsby (2016) trailer
    earthy..visceral….. beautiful visuals. worth watching.
    haha funny!
    What song at 1:19 ???

    I saw the scene and I just wanna say that…it is an absolute MASTERPIECE. Sacha’s a world treasure if you ask me.
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    I watched this the other day, I’ve never laughed so much through a film, there was moments tears were rolling from laughing that hard. I think 90% of the movie I laughed through!.
    What a nice movie amazing
    British comedy at its best!!! 😂
    Imagine him and Jim carry in a movie..
    If it wasn’t Sacha Baron Cohen this same scene they watched would basically be relegated to the same kind of humor as Tom Green or whatever. It’s just gross-out humor at it’s finest (read: worse). Man I wish Borat didn’t get as popular as it did cause now he can’t go out pretending to be Borat or anything anymore. Too many people recognize him..
    1:49:33 best action scene in the entire movie.
    It look so good and then the end happen….
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    Do not search and watch that clip I repeat don’t do that
    in Spanish please ;-)
    freaking hilarious!
    Came from Jimmy Kimmel
    hahah BORAT all the way! cant wait to see thi film. Loooks Bloody Awesome!!!
    the dangerous brothers grimsby
    Jimmy is poking fun at ppl watching others game
    This is a very cliche movie that’s been done time and time again (tale of two cities theme) and it looks absent of any comedic value. I’ll probably watch it… Butni won’t like it!.

    Oh shit they are making a Kingsmen type spy movie. Oh, and it seems to be staring Mark Strong. Awesome he was great in loads of movies. now he gets the lead. Then Sacha poped up. He is funny and i love his stuff but the spy movie looked better, was my thoughts. Also that joke won’t be in the movie..

    fake this is not the movie i wanted

    ya do what ya gotta do to survive. it doesnt matter what. the will to survive is the most vital thing. if you lose that will, then the rest will follow shortly..

    Excellent. Chloe Moretz in a bra is a great reason for me to watch this film. Seth Rogan is the second reason. Amen..

    interested until sacha baron cohen

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    the Ending proves – Men will Be men.

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    01:52 😂😂😂😂😂
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    Zac’s is hiding from the embarrassing back lash of his MLK emoji posting(: it’s nice to see him come out of the racist closet, I guess it’s like being born again, lol. You gotta love Trump.. take America backward literally back, should be trumps slogan..

    I think this is the very definition of a reskin
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    What da hell
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    remember how awesome borat was and how everything since has been mediocre at best.
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