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    WATCH&STREAM Generation Wealth


    When will this be available on Amazon prime in the US?
    Where have I heard that song before?
    Those women deserve to spend 15 years in a Iraqie prison and then released. They will then understand the value of a dollar and the true meaning of life, that it is not a handbag.
    so the premise of this is people be rich…riveting stuff…pass
    Wealth is inherently moral when it’s created by serving others.
    This is literally a story of celebrities, and you all don’t even know it because you think it’s just a movie, just know that movies play out real stories all the time.
    can’t relate
    amazon how ironic lmao the richest man on earth according to forbes
    hihi from amazon studios how ironic… hi jeff. how much u got? how much ur employees make?

    Some people are so poor that all they have is money Bob Marley

    I know woman that is very wealthy but she has this feeling of unhappiness/missing . She has loving family and life is great for her. My believe is she needs to find her real purpose in life , real happiness. So i can see money won’t make you happy if you can’t find your self..

    Poor, soulless individuals…


    Generation, Wealth. movie & 2018
    If I had billions I would start a venture capital firm. All the stuff like yachts, planes, cars and houses I would probably buy then make sure people in my immidiate community and people in my circle also got to use it cheap if not for free. Anything else it’s just obscene..
    Sad people! Never in peace always hungry they are all cursed
    A pendulum always,swings back and lands on center. The rich have shown us what they truly are: live in scarcity, lack the true class of Olde Miney( Vanderbilt, Whitney, JP Morgan), Philanthropists. Not like todays rich – piss poor , pathetic, needy , DESPARATE. They are why at the end of the world we take their money and leave them behind. As people, they contribute nothing ..
    Why do they find it hard to understand that once the grand prize has been awarded to them do they then feel they need more and more? A wealthy man who gains once, will constantly continue to attain more. The reason for this is that Satan’s gifts leave a raw, empty feeling inside you, that you do not understand. So you continue in your quest to seek out more and it is usually at the expense of the welfare of your neighbour. No man gains huge wealth without the people he met on the way suffering to some degree. No person, who gains fame, will get there, unless someone else has had to do without. A man that does not share his wealth is doomed. A person who has nothing tends to share more than those who have been blessed with material comforts. – Jesus Christ via the Biblical Book of Truth foretold in the Holy Bible.
    I don’t run in these social circles BUT it’s interesting to see how other people roll.
    Watch, ‘Generation – Wealth! Online, ‘Live! Stream & Online
    Haha I love it, my dad is in this movie, he’s the one with the cigar saying I love money. This is a very good movie, with a bit of a bias opinion
    This looks amazing.
    When can we expect this on canadian prime video??
    All of this means nothing without Jesus. THE most depressed people in the world are often the richest.
    I don’t know how those people got their money, but they don’t seem to really enjoy it.
    That’s Call geard….No matter how much u have ……U still want others​ wealth…..
    I saw this film today and I liked it except the photographer Lauren should have remained anonymous instead of dragging her family into this. But I guess she is using these rich people to get famous herself..

    Pretty ironic that Amazon is releasing this.

    They will be the richest people in the graveyard one day..

    Now the Generation Wealth will be more praised than hated… Good for them!

    Generation. Wealth, English… Full. Movier

    Generation. Wealth. Full, Movie

    Why!! It is just the amazon that can(or should) make money???

    What about Jeff bezos.!

    Reward often implies a positive experience, BUT it’s not pleasure, and it’s most certainly not happiness. The paradoxical thing is that we culturally see ambition as a mark of personal worth, yet very likely future civilization would look back at us and only see ignorant primitive minds caught and dumbfounded by shiny cultural motifs. Already science has identified key determining factors that lead to this behavior, and any satisfactory understanding would have to come from multiple sources. One such important revelatory aspect is knowing the difference between reward and pleasure. How our brains are built, hence how we psychologically work, often prevents us from maximizing pleasure in favor of pursuing reward (which, again, isn’t pleasure, nor happiness). In short: if my society tells me it’s glamorous to be a stock broker, than i could pursue that thing for my entire lifetime even if that, on the whole, means a miserable stressful experience. As Nobel prize laureate Daniel Kahneman says, the self who makes the decision to pursue an activity is NOT the same self who has to put up with that experience! An example would be a person who goes to a concert and spends 2 miserable hours hearing how an artist brays like on live performance, after which she comes home and tells to him/herself Oh my god i had the amazing opportunity to go to that glamorous concert.. only 100 metres away from my idol! I can’t wait to tell everybody that i was there!, and this dumb cultural filter makes her oblivious of the real quality of what she experienced, even making her eagre to pay money for the next year’s event. So, the self who chooses activities and the self who interprets their worth afterwards, is not the same self who experiences them. We can put up with the most idiotic, even unpleasant life experiences, just as long as we get to come home each evening and tell/delude ourselves how amazing our life is.

    Of all the ads I’ve seen this is the only one that caught my eye you guys are doing a good job here

    When you lose your connection to the sacred you become baptized wholly in the profane.
    Produced by the richest person on Earth. Irony Mr Bezos, irony.
    I love watching trash people like this be dissected in a doc.
    You need money to live. Try being poor once with a 40k yr salary then you will realise what money is really worth
    My mom has hundreds of outfits but can never decide what to wear everyday.
    Who’s down for a revolution?

    this video just called me broke
    вы это заслужили
    Gross, and in the end it doesn’t even make them happy

    That‘s why im in team jesus guys
    Gonna watch this only because of Florian Homm!

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