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    ➡➡➙ WATCH : DOWNLOAD Twenty Two ◀⇐⬅


    Indonesia proud of you Iko Uwais 👏🙏
    Most of the comments were deleted, by the uploader.
    Twenty. Two… Full. Movie:… Movie? #1. Preview! (HBO)? -, YouTube
    Such a good movie
    this started out good, then it turned into a romance
    What’s even disgusting is the fact that the Japanese government doesn’t admit to it but the fact that they try to cover it up lies such as the women willingly employed themselves. So your telling me 13,14,15 and up suddenly decided to to give theme selves up to men? Heck at the age kids barely can Choose between stuff. There are women who experienced this themselves that are still alive today sharing their stories and a lot of them said that either they were kidnapped forcibly moved by the soldiers and even tricked into thinking they would go to factories to help make money for their family I think it’s very disgusting of the Japanese government to even try to silenced these woman who do share their stories.

    6-Headed Shark Attack

    素直な感想を書かせてもらうなら、 まずインタビューしてる韓国人の方は、 親日や反日は関係ない。 これは人権問題の話しであり国は関係ない。 って言ってる割には韓国寄りの発言になってるよね。 それと日本は謝罪したうえで国民の血税で10億もの大金を払ってる。 これ以上韓国は日本人にどうしてほしいのか? 罪悪感の植え付けをしたいのなら、 韓国人はベトナム戦争での韓国兵士による 性的被害者や、 慰安婦に対して謝罪したうえで、 日本も韓国も誤った事をしてしまった。 これを忘れないように双方の国で慰安婦問題を教育に取り入れ、今後このような事が二度と起きないように私たち(日韓)が他の国の見本となりましょう。 ってやるのが筋なんじゃないんでしょうか? 自国の事は謝罪もせずに棚に上げて、 声高らかに私たちが被害者だ!と国民総出で 言ってるあいだは、 日本を含めどの国も相手にしてくれませんよ。 長文失礼しました。.

    Iko Uwais feat Mark Wahlberg.. 👍👍

    not good movie too much talk if no have actor from indonesia i never watching🙄
    Twenty, Two. malay, sub

    My crush warned my not to watch this. Why didn’t I listen to her….
    위안부 가해자들은 다 일본남자였는데 뭘 여자들한테만 물어보고 있냐ㅋ
    هل يوجد عرب هنا 😂 ترجمه وفيلم كامل فين احصلها .؟
    Is this movie in English?

    Philippines is one of the Victim thought.
    iko uwais….favorit indonesian actor

    Bah.. I take it as a historical arguments. I hold no grudge.
    Many comfort women happened WWII. Phillippines, China, Korea, Northen Australia, and all part of Asia. This is the fact Japanese soldiers in WWII are barbarains. Western soldiers like US, UK, France and etc.. when they use kind of barbarain called rape. There’s a Court Marshall can be sentence in prison or death. What kind of men serving on Japanese Emperor(WWII). They leaving a trace of dishonor, shameless, and history of stupidity idealogy. But people of Japan in modern days I apologized for harsh way. History dug deeply to know the rights, or wrong. Even my school professor said, ( Learn your mistakes in the past, then look forward with no mistakes to the bright future.)..

    Is korea the only country talking about the comfort women? Has China and other affected asian countries brought these atrocities out to a public? Apologies from Japan are not needed but letting the entire world know of this fact is important. Japanese government is comprised of old school and you can’t expect them to be decent if they have not acknowledge it. But it’s important for the world to know and constantly talk about it so that we all remember never to let such thing to be repeated..

    Action Finger movements iko not meditation but dzikir….

    iko uwais great job pruod to be asian
    Iko uwais 💪💪💪
    No proof doesn’t mean it didn’t happened. Like that comment. ‘Comfort women’ is just one of those atrocious things Japanese did. Example China Unit 731 and Nanking massacre. I believe everyone is just wanting Japan to admit those things happen and educate people to learn from those nightmares. So it won’t happen again. Please stop hiding the history..

    Looks good .When #shooter meets #The _Raid_redemption

    Hey it’s the guy from Game of Thrones
    Jangan komen overproud lah bkin malu, ckup share nnton like dan jgn nnton bajakannya nnton lgsung, pokonya jgan terlalu bangga jatuhnya bkin malu, klo terlalu banggain dri sendiri gpp bodo amat ini bawa2 negara..
    OMG what a trailer…. I dont need to wach this movies… god dam spoiler!!!
    The Japanese government should apologize! (And it should be sincere) It’s not that f*cking hard! No wonder Korea and Japan are so hostile towards each other. These poor women suffered so much but they claim that these women chose to sell their body. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories about comfort women. 😞 This reminds me of Madame Kim. Hope she’s happy and at peace now that she has shared her story..
    Even the term “comfort women” is insulting. It makes it sound like this was an occupation in which they had a choice. Call them what they actually are, RAPE VICTIMS
    Hello, I’m from Argentina and I wanted to thank you for this video. I find it very useful in order to understand better the history in the South East, especially because I’m writing a research-based paper on The Korean War. Regards.
    legendary actor


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